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Mini-games playlist â-» Super sweet gear! â–? Twi…


Minecraft video

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  • JellyCubed 3 years ago

    Maybe he meant diamond?? Some people call diamonds emeralds…

  • LaggingGames 3 years ago


  • Dan Wheatabix 3 years ago

    You? meant bedrock, not adminium or what ever you said

  • DerpyMcSquirty 3 years ago

    Happy 4th of JULY?

  • SupahKingMinecraft 3 years ago

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  • JellyCubed 3 years ago

    You spelt ‘virus’,? wrong.

  • Shadowstep1326 3 years ago

    Nice? haha

  • brown choi 3 years ago

    13? dafaq?

  • LZproductions100 3 years ago

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  • MCbomber1000 3 years ago

    Fuck off captainsparklez is not? for advertising so go fuck yourself

  • Moises Garcia 3 years ago

    Let them do it anyway they can do almost what they? want on minecraft

  • Freddy Campos 3 years ago

    It is? butter

  • Paul Francesco 3 years ago

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  • MCbomber1000 3 years ago

    No? just iron and diamond

  • MCbomber1000 3 years ago

    He isn’t you? are

  • Penguinbroadcast57 3 years ago

    12? blahs

  • Justcauseassasin 3 years ago

    U can use gold?

  • Paul Francesco 3 years ago

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  • mariotrashie99 3 years ago


  • WolveMafia 3 years ago

    12 Budder?