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Watch Jason, Husky, Mitch, and Jerome go Head to Head in the Walls 2 Minigame! Who will win?! Shirts: Website:


Minecraft video

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  • Julian Asedillo 3 years ago

    Hey Jasoon :3
    Are You And Sky Angry at Each Other ?? :D

  • FrancescaSingz28 3 years ago

    are you and sky in a fight or something? i mean i keep? thinking that.

  • imsobahoandsmelly 3 years ago

    :) ?

  • charmaps5 3 years ago

    dude the next time you play once you have iron armor dig near the towards the walls you can enter everyone else’s bases by making a system? of tunnels and slaughter everyone before they get diamonds from the middle

  • WinThePig GamingTV 3 years ago

    You have to buy the game in? minecraft . net

  • imsobahoandsmelly 3 years ago

    Jason I hope you will get? better soon

  • connorvh2012 3 years ago


  • SuperCyanide123 3 years ago

    no butts no nuts no coconuts XD?

  • miku kaohom 3 years ago

    Hope U be better soon Jason,from Jeffrey :D ?

  • Jarrent Seah 3 years ago

    Keep up the good work? Jason just a 200k more subscribers to get a millon!

  • Fireheart12349876 3 years ago

    Get well soon?

  • charmaps5 3 years ago

    yeah the way across is like all the way at? the bottom

  • yoym5322 3 years ago

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  • Joshua Wei 3 years ago

    :) ?

  • WhiteLivide 3 years ago


  • Praska Aroeman 3 years ago

    im a new player at minecraft how to get a skin

  • coolboy7867 3 years ago

    I 3 jason, and Jerome :D ?

  • Benjamin Nguyen 3 years ago

    Watch? some vids

  • Greenjob338 3 years ago

    you? forgot redstone torches bajan

  • ZipZapHeart426 3 years ago

    Get Well Soon Jason?