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Minecraft video



  • PhilledZone 10 months ago

    Make a mix between first person and replay

  • ygobraderz 10 months ago

    another great vid man keep up the great work

  • why is the download a .rar file?

  • Joel Thomas 10 months ago

    You need to change your intro? It’s fucking cringe

  • Just James 10 months ago

    You should make a livestream while you’re playing.

  • Maioneza9 10 months ago

    what u gon do when 1.13 is up?

  • Greek Patataki 10 months ago

    What version ???

  • Edgars Rajevskis 10 months ago

    Love your videos bro found them randomly on YouTube now I have fall in love keep up the good work

  • Isaac Fuentes 10 months ago

    These vids are great! Great work I just started watching this series to day I was so interested I’m here now

  • Isaac Fuentes 10 months ago

    Ur vids made my day

  • oussama agh 10 months ago

    New episiod build furnice sumilitir

  • MasterTima 10 months ago

    So awesome you are using so so much time for these episodes

  • JaelsonFlavio 10 months ago

    OMG!!! I remember when I used to watch minecraft videos and I used to aske you A LOT on the comments to start a let’s play series and now you’re doing it. Jeez…

  • Harlen johnson 10 months ago

    I hate it when people ask for likes people only like if they liked it like if you agree

  • TheLightwing101 10 months ago

    You should do a tour of your base in first person!

  • Markus N.L 10 months ago

    he laughs like a fag

  • Davac XI 10 months ago

    Every once in a while, since the base looks so amazing, you should do a bit of a first person tour.

  • MercuryPotz 10 months ago

    Hi Archelaus! I have a minecraft server in development, would you like to be a builder in my server? contact me on skype: SrMercuryBluexD. Regards!.

  • Matetocol 10 months ago

    Ohh the first person is sweet! Very good video!

  • Trixsepticeye 10 months ago

    your video have 3-4 ads at least .-.
    if ads keep popping up imma stop watching .-.

  • de Grote Kleine Man 10 months ago

    same as mombo…

  • Sorry Archelaus, but I’m too young to drink beer.

  • mini world game i

  • You can play the game mini world

  • Ngu Người Channel 10 months ago

    amazing. :V

  • Life_Is _Game 10 months ago

    My firend building a prison server for mcpe in his pc we need a spawn build can you plz build us a spawn plz we have discord
    My one : @ItsLifeIsGame#6724
    His one: @OpticRevolutionYT#7638
    Plz i am useing android and he is useing pc/win10 plz build us a spawn :(

  • Tejas Pathak 10 months ago

    Just when I almost felt that no good minecraft videos are coming up
    I find you, and buddy i must say such hard work!
    I’m highly impressed and already a huge fan of your builds!!
    Love your videos and waiting for more!

  • wch bang 10 months ago

    Could you do a one off build where you make a small rural villiage, using the Chisel and bits mod to make it super detailed creating like mugs and all sorts of really detailed things?

  • Micha Zuyderduyn 10 months ago

    a.u.b i will mor elke day a new vidoe

  • Pliku Kuro 10 months ago

    i really like how the items move through the sorting system… its really satisfying to see

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