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Click here to watch Minecraft: Top 5 Creations – Best of the Best #2 Minecraft: Top 5 Creations – Mansions #3 Challenge: Next week we are looking for Prisons and Insane Asylums! Send in all submissions to the email below before Tuesday(Janurary 15). Rules when sending emails: 1. Add a few pictures. 2. Add your world file or Multiplayer IP address. 3. If you can record. Add an HD video with no lag. 4. Give me your youtube page link. 5. Tell us a few facts about your creation. Submission’s E-mail: TOP 5: Number 1 – Stizzer123 Number 2 – Hypixel Number 3 – Tany_coolguy No YT page provided Number 4 – Divici789 Number 5 – quinty58 The music in this video: -Latin Industries -Sorcery by

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