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This Mod adds in even more tnt!
Jen’s Channel!


Minecraft video



  • Random Awesomeness 1 week ago

    Pat got a little hysterical in the intro. Lol.

  • unkown unkown 1 week ago

    I miss this kind mods do more I love your videos

  • MiniUUK Level 40 1 week ago

    Ok, now what is stronger?
    The World Buster TNT or the Supernova TNT?
    If you even know what the Supernova TNT is

  • caroline lindsay 1 week ago

    Pat there so Strong

  • fen lily2 1 week ago

    Oh YeAh more tNt pS love you guys I have been sub since I was 7

  • supersaiyangod supersaiyan gamer 1 week ago

    finally back to the way god intended

  • Kehaan 1 week ago

    TNT Wars map would be fun with these TNTs.

  • Sheik Badrul Hisham Jamil Azhar 1 week ago

    How can the airstrike tnt still going?

  • Sammy6apples 1 week ago

    I watched all his other tnt videos so I was exited for this one

  • Jasper Broeders 1 week ago

    It is sad that with the world buster tnt didn’t realy destroy the whole world

  • Nikola nik 1 week ago

    Where is the crafting dead

  • Yacq Rendiere 1 week ago


  • Christian Watson 1 week ago

    “Alright, we’ve done Biome Buster.” “Yeah” “We’ve done Chunk Buster.” “Yeah” “WORLD BUSTER” Jen: OMG!!

    Me after seeing the explosion: lol…. “world buster” AKA, tnt x3,000,000,000,000

  • The Rafa Channel 1 week ago

    I live in Topanga

  • No_Mercy No_Karma 1 week ago

    *blows up world with tnt*


  • power space king 2 1 week ago

    Jen:the world will be destroyed

    Pat: I know I am excited

  • Alex 1 week ago

    Theres something called enderpearls to get out you know xD

  • Cara E 1 week ago

    Popluarmmos crafting dead!!!!!jen crafting dead!!!!

  • Cara E 1 week ago
  • Mary Juliet Vallega 1 week ago

    You guys are the best just wanted to thank you guys for making such an amazing videos sorry for some wrong grammar you should keep up doing videos like this. And everytime I watch you’re videos it always makes me feel so happy.

  • this is a valid name 1 week ago

    World Destroyer is clearly the strongest because it can (probably) kill DIO’s stand.

  • Cara E 1 week ago

    Pat:Iwant to help them


    Pat:the world is gone its gone

  • Piston bro1 1 week ago

    WHi u n()T uSe 1.14?

  • Heat 27 1 week ago

    Me:Well you should get “A Whole New World”

  • HUSSEIN Medany 1 week ago

    I been fan since less than I million on another account tho

  • hectorwawa 1 week ago

    play AGARIO

  • Freddie Miechal 1 week ago

    How many flapping tnt vids will ya do? The last tnt vid ya done was like 1 or 2 years ago

  • Lukas Kasperavicius 1 week ago


  • Willamations sss 1 week ago

    Brings back soo many memories

  • Mantequita Elbello 1 week ago

    Jen and Pat I made destruction by making fire and a tsnami

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