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Minecraft | UP | Brain Buster Minecraft Puzzle Map (Minecraft Custom Map) 700 likes for part 2 tomorrow? :D | Don’t miss an episode!â-» Up …


Minecraft video

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  • ValkyrieDJ Eric™ - Mineplex Master 4 years ago

    “Welcome to up.”
    No balloons involved?

  • Joseph Espiritu 4 years ago

    doing things more complicated than it should like the first level stack all
    the items and break 4 cobweb to get wool ughhhhh!!!! Dont think to hard on
    it like G.A.T.O.S it is different ?

  • Logdotzip 4 years ago

    Check out this crazy puzzle map where the only place to go.. is up!?

  • Emanuel Flores 4 years ago

    +Logdotzip You trying to act very smart by not doing what you are suppose
    to do! ugh….?

  • Keon Der 4 years ago

    Loggy when u finish the lvl like before u grab the paper use the solution
    so we can see the correct way to finish the lvl?

  • Cardin Bui 4 years ago

    Stage 3 you could of put sticky piston than a block than slime block.?

  • Mysticalness 4 years ago

    In lvl 1 you could break the cobwebs with your sword to get string then put
    the string in the 2×2 crafting to make a piece of wool?

  • Cindy Osborne 4 years ago

    Omg if you made a wool block on the first level you would have beaten that

  • Joey Kennan 4 years ago

    When it said to break blocks it meant the blocks in your inventory?

  • Henry MacDonald 4 years ago

    On the first level that one jump from the bedrock to the dirt that you had
    to do twice is literally impossible, and you cut the clip to make it look
    like you did it. Cheeky.?

  • Fedor Boendermaker 4 years ago

    Lol you also could place the piston andere slime block some hicher at stage

  • Rajit Goel 4 years ago

    CaptainSparklez just posted this like 3 hours ago! OMG

  • ProfileGaming 4 years ago

    Your either too smart and over thinking things or your plain dumb?

  • Sammy Maciel 4 years ago


  • samuel barky 4 years ago

    On stage 1 didn’t you think to yourself maybe I’m not meant to take the
    blocks that make up the platform and the pillars as that would be simple
    and exactly the opposite to what these maps are about.?

  • DugspiUno 4 years ago

    How to do stage one: destroy the webs with the sword to get string. next
    craft the string into a wool block. lastly just pillar up.?

  • James Murphy 4 years ago

    So obvious and painful dude XD?

  • PlasmaUniverse 4 years ago

    On the first level you could ‘ve broken the wool with your sword and make

  • Will Grieser 4 years ago

    Lol captain sparklez did this an hour ago?

  • Mishterwest 4 years ago

    Good god you sound like Jerma.?