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This Mod adds in crazy overpowered items and


Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 3 months ago

    I swear these get craziest each week!!

  • GabrielGamer737 3 months ago

    9:37 lol

  • Ezekiel Imperial 3 months ago

    Pat you like Hulk

  • Edrea T. Lim 3 months ago

    Can we all just realise that the reason why Jen kept on winning was because she never killed herself so all the buffs were left on

  • Troman7100 3 months ago

    PLEASE do Epic Proportions again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jocelyn Pike 3 months ago


  • Siobahn Foreman 3 months ago

    I subscribe I love ❤️ Popular mmos

  • Jocelyn Pike 3 months ago

    I love popularMMOs. I feel bad for Jen getting sick

  • GamingWithOmar 3 months ago

    I wish you play fortnite plz plz plz play it. like so he can see

  • Julie Fick 3 months ago

    The “OP sword” is the legend of Zelda Sword it has the triforse on it

  • Logi Bear 3 months ago

    jen is hugry she eats pizza she is allergic *EXPLODES*

  • Tugs-Erdene Tseenorov 3 months ago

    The bloody sword was genjis sword in overwatch

  • Coconut Drum 3 months ago

    I watch happy days.

  • Lucas Hernandez 3 months ago

    Moahahaha pat says

  • Jett Weinert 3 months ago

    oh there sooooooooo CuTe Jen I just watched it over and over again hahahaha XD!!

  • Shoaib Ahmed 3 months ago

    Pat you are sòoooo amazing

  • Susie Kurvin 3 months ago

    Was Jen’s giant axe an axe from Skyrim dadric

  • Dominic Tan 3 months ago

    The thumbnail

  • Kayden Knows Best 3 months ago

    You kiled you’re self

  • IAN CUNDILL DODDS 3 months ago

    Food + Mario is amazing and Mexic food

  • ArcherZanic 3 months ago

    That axe Jen had was from skyrim a dadric battle axe

  • Elsabe Kearns 3 months ago

    I just lost my voice for singing

  • Shadow GamesXP 3 months ago

    Hey Pat (and Jen) do you guys live in Orlando, Florida? Because if you do I’d love to meet you guys around in April because I’m going to Florida for something I do.

  • Dewman1977 Idk 3 months ago

    Pat could have flied

  • kelyn fashion 3 months ago

    I usually don’t leave your vids for tomorrow but if I have school I will leave it but I have a special week or sometime but I will save it for that.

  • Taco Cat 3 months ago

    14:03 lol Jen …

  • Moon Eclipse955 3 months ago

    Hi Pat you guys should watch ItFunneh channel they are super funny and they also play bedwars and one of the krew have a war cry lol Xd

  • Sky Gaming 3 months ago

    This block MUST be in the challenge games!!! Like if you agree!

  • Jennifer Joy 3 months ago

    I love your vids please reply to this comment!!!!

  • Emerald Warrior 3 months ago

    Is that Jen wow its feel its not Her!!

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