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Kiddos makin some cool maparoos
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Minecraft video



  • Dio Grando 8 months ago

    Holy shit man, I just got back to this channel after 4 years and he’s still the same and havent transformed into a sesame street character like every other minecraft channel. Even though this is a new video this is really nostalgic for some reason. Thank you

  • Ashwin Date 8 months ago

    You know you could’ve opened the fence gate

  • josef benedict Echavez 8 months ago

    Hey captain can u play tf2 again

  • The Crazy Gamer GECKO! 8 months ago

    NOOOOOOO i wanted to know what x33n was saying bout elevators

  • Matiboux™ 8 months ago

    So meaaan, I wanted to hear X33N’s story ;w;

  • HaroCrow 8 months ago

    Here’s da minecraf…

  • HaroCrow 8 months ago

    2.7k like!

  • Kuick 8 months ago

    most canadian intro ever.

    also keep doing this

  • BenjaNiteYT - Minecraft For Fun 8 months ago

    (Screeching Like A 6 Year Old) WhEReS MIanITE SeaSOn 190,000,467 ?!??!?!?

  • ItsNoahScott 8 months ago

    Yes Minecraft is back!!

  • Nova Fernandez 8 months ago

    I’d love to see you guys do ‘its better together’ since you can use past versions of minecraft so easily in the launcher

  • Ninon Barbier 8 months ago

    Cotton beat admit kitchen financial formula place viewer terrorist nomination hers barrier

  • TheBlueZYX 8 months ago

    Jordan you’re probably not reading this but, eventually you won’t be a famous youtuber and this won’t be ur job.. Ik ur rich and you good financially but what if you lonely.. I’m just saying maybe you should be a little open minded if a girl you like comes in your life.

  • Hamid Ali 8 months ago

    Damn captin died I remember when I was little and as soon as I came back home i’d watch this guy wow

  • ParrotDragon Timelapse 8 months ago

    that ending XD

    X33N: what about that elevator that cuts you in half?
    Jordan: and we are done! (instant NOPE)

  • FrostByteGaming 8 months ago

    1945 is the code lol i watched the video

  • Ben Brinkerhoff 8 months ago

    TTB 2 is coming out after 1.13 !

  • Ben Brinkerhoff 8 months ago

    Good Day Captain Sparkly pants!

  • Ben Brinkerhoff 8 months ago

    Hey people our captain needs us we must make maps for him to play!!!

  • Holy Krap 8 months ago


  • Jake Mansdorf 8 months ago

    play fortnite

  • The Gaming Cazador 8 months ago

    Anyone else skip past the part of the other kid’s video? It was annoying in my opinion.

  • Kid Fury 8 months ago

    Ven is naext vaedeo of saevtech ages

  • HakulBee S 8 months ago

    “an elevator that cuts you in half” Jordan: yep nope “And we’re done!” XD

  • Kitipat Aguirang 8 months ago

    Yey Minecraft!!!

  • Fenekie 8 months ago

    Ou god I had a motion sickness from your impatient moves and guys you really shouldn’t to butt each other… xD
    I think I will watch these kind of videos in half speed… xD

  • PluralFrog 8 months ago

    Who wants to see more of the Code

  • IceMetalPunk 8 months ago

    A Minecraft map? What is this, 2015? :P I found you from your maps, I love these <3

  • Purin1023 8 months ago

    “If you want the code, like comment and subscribe”

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