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  • TheWaffleLord 5 days ago

    Horses drop leather.

  • EDDY GOLDER 5 days ago


  • Peter Nguyen 5 days ago

    All the black mobs are tall strong fast and hard to kill hhhmmmmmm.

  • BadassbananaTV 5 days ago

    The second one is incorrect as baby zombies can ride chickens ass well
    Edit- my bad

  • Benny Møller 5 days ago

    The second one (with the ridable mobs) could have another solution: Skeleton Horse – its the only one where the rider doesnt spawn with the mount initially – it has to be triggered.

    Minecart/Boat/Itemframe/Armorstand: isnt the item frame the only one that is not affected by gravity? if you place any of these on the ground and remove the block below them, the item frame will drop as an item, while the others just drop down to land on the block below, and still stay in the game.

  • CrypticSpoon 5 days ago

    14:27 they will attack red foxes and artic foxes

  • TwistedAttitudes 5 days ago

    Hey Jordan, it’s been a while. Your fallen kingdom 2.0 noteblock vid showed up in my recommended (like many others, as you probably figured out). Just wanted to say that you are an absolute trooper. I think you’re one of the last 1st gen Minecraft YouTubers who are still at it. I gotta say, that’s pretty impressive. I hope you’re still doing alright and/or continue to do alright.

  • Noah Wattel 5 days ago

    Husk don’t burn in daylight you fool
    That’s the obvious one I’d think of

  • If you’re being chased by a polar bear, there’s a big chance you’re still gonna die by taking off your clothes, just instead of being mauled to death, you get frostbite and hypothermia.

  • Ali Joe 5 days ago

    Killer rabbits are obtainable in survival or did they change that

  • Fishtastic 5 days ago

    fetchez la vache.
    fetchez la vache!

  • NO jimmy PROTESTED 5 days ago

    11:00 when you get so mad you become a ghast

  • Blood Wolf2609 5 days ago

    form follows function

  • Jason Fenderson 5 days ago

    You know what would be awesome? If they added Hummingshark as an official mob in Minecraft.

  • Ruben Duizend 5 days ago

    9:25 this is what Frisk’s soul looks like (undertale)

  • Biotech 5 days ago

    Husks are the only one of the four in the first level to not burn in daylight

  • Harris Tsang 5 days ago

    Warning: Pewdiepie is about to be defeated by T-Series!

    What is going on?
    Pewdiepie is currently #1 on YouTube, but he is about to be dethroned by an Indian music company called T-Series, which only uploads Bollywood trailers and songs.

    What should I do?
    Save Pewdiepie! Simply try to make a video supporting Pewdiepie! That way your fans will subscribe to Pewdiepie! Don’t let him be dethroned!

  • Renske050 5 days ago


  • Renske050 5 days ago

    Fechez la vache is a Monty Python and the Holy grail reference, and you are an uncultured Dinnerbone

  • Bradley gill 5 days ago

    the biome in the nether is literally called ‘hell’

  • amr2002amr ™ 5 days ago

    10:46 close your eyes and listen again. Doesn’t that sound just like when Unspeakable rages??

  • DeathBoxer 5 days ago

    2:20 *im pretty sure all of these burn in the day light* me:Husk jardon husk..

  • z0Tweety 5 days ago

    Stray is the ice biome one. Husk is the desert one

  • Ver min 5 days ago

    11:50 Hi stewie. Where’s Brian?

  • The Dude 4 days ago

    fetchez la vache is from monty python

  • Pedro Viviani 4 days ago

    Omg you Have minecon

  • RCN KC 4 days ago

    This map sucked tbh

  • Jared White 4 days ago

    I disagree with the first one.

    Husks are the only ones that don’t burn in daylight… forget that forking obscure short

  • Max Games Mobile 4 days ago

    Who else got all the answers right but the correct answer werent in the map

  • Austin Azarvand 4 days ago

    73 = C-

    People in Britain are probably confused.

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