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Minecraft X-Craft is amazing! Our Minecraft Space themed roleplay! Chrisandthemike – Military Guy/Specialty: Weapons CyanideEpic – Engineer/ Specialty: Tech CarFlo – Scientist/ Specialty: Plant/Ani…


Minecraft video

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  • Veeren Thakkar 4 years ago


  • lu schmiedt 4 years ago

    they have no food but chris has 45 steaks ;D?

  • Ari Jade 4 years ago

    When will the next season start??

  • Dawson Young 4 years ago

    Chris you shoulda went for the head… ?

  • ItsPureGraphix | ???????? 4 years ago

    But this season was awesome. I really enjoyed this. I hope season 2 comes
    out soon :) ?

  • Laura Rodriguez 4 years ago

    so is this the end season 1??

  • Aeriell Lara 4 years ago

    Ty is deadlocks, TyLER is MunchingBrotato!!!?

  • Boofguy Films 4 years ago

    Hi Chris I’ve been a sub for a while and I’ve been watching your videos
    since around the 10th episode of Minecraft comes alive

    I just wanted to say after not watching your videos for a while you got me
    watching again with the role playing.

    I think it would be a good idea if you did some challenges with lucky
    blocks or a role play with lord of the rings or Star Wars

    Thanks if you read this man! :D


  • Linda Kujawa 4 years ago

    Another EPIC episode!!! Cant wait for more!!?

  • Preoxide Bear 4 years ago


  • Crystal Wolf 4 years ago

    I love all of your role plays! they are really funny my favorite is the
    Jurassic Park role play. And i also love the Artifact SMP. its really funny
    as well. My favorite part of Artifact SMP is when CyaNide killed Carflo xD.
    Cyanide shoots Carflo and Carflo explodes with stuff. ?

  • Paulina Sánchez 4 years ago

    the funniest part was when carlo said “kill him” bc Jorge was eating the

  • Dorido3 4 years ago

    In season 2 you should stop brotato and then stop his master that you
    discover its garlian
    The old general gets you out of prison and this adventure instead of being
    in space your fight is in Thia to stop garlian and brotato
    You make a secret base in Thia and you work together and you start being
    friends with cyanide and carflo ( in the roleplay) and you discover that
    garlian jas an entire empire ay his disposal but you still stop him….
    Thx for those who read my season 2 opinion! :D ?

  • Chrisandthemike 4 years ago


  • Ali Zain Ladha 4 years ago

    Munching Brotato is trying to munch the world power. LOL +Chrisandthemike cant
    wait for season 2 :c?

  • Mjm0708 4 years ago

    Amazing episode guys, really enjoyed this one. Tyler did good at playing
    his part as well. Keep up the good work guys. ?

  • Xx_MinecraftGirl_xX 4 years ago

    Good job on the finale @chrisandthemike @joyceandcarlo @munchingbrotato
    @thecyanideepic and @ashleyosity You guys are all amazing actors and
    actress! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of you ?

  • Maya 525 4 years ago

    OMG my favourite series has come to an end and a new beggining :o ?

  • Angel Lucas 4 years ago

    Now that X craft ended and season 2 coming soon

    What about jurrasic craft??? When will it air because im dieing to see it?

  • Emily M 4 years ago

    do they still have the book with garlian saying to kill them?or did they
    lose it??