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Minecraft video



  • GhettoBoxMan 11 months ago

    Your video the other day made me believe that the BT update was coming to Switch yesterday.

  • Robbie Stone 11 months ago

    if you use a slime block attached to a chest, it will actually retract it aswell

  • Fatalkiller 115 11 months ago

    After I installed the update, I went to play mc online (this was PS3 because he only has a PS3) everytime he saved the game my game would freeze and I would have to reset it, afterwards he was able to save and I didn’t freeze, yet when I tried to exit it would keep me in the menu frozen but I could still hear them his friend joined and ( we was making it lag to annoy my friend who was the host) lol I know this may not make sense btw. Has anyone else had this or was it just a one off glitch for me?

  • Player One 11 months ago

    That hit noise is well annoying.

  • Dr4ke0fth3c0ld 11 months ago

    OK … I just thought your outro is bone strudel yes it is

  • Lindsay Baumgartner 11 months ago

    my gt on xb360 Jooboxer I have a mike

  • BatmanmanOG 〰 11 months ago


  • erin canning 11 months ago


  • DiamondFox 11 months ago

    There’s also a sound for blocking damage with a sword.

  • Chowder 11 months ago

    slimeblocks can move the chest back

  • Yankeez boy 18 11 months ago

    I’m you place a slime block you can move it back and forth the chest

  • weeklyfox 11 months ago

    Todays my 1 year annerversary on twitter!

  • FoxyBoy55 Gaming 11 months ago

    toycat the update didnt come for me, idk whether its because i have two saves one on cloud and one on the hard drive but its wierd

  • Sonicking917 11 months ago

    Switch also got “Skin pack 1″ which has some Microsoft characters, surprisingly. Halo, Banjo-Kazooie, Gears of War, etc.

  • Darth_Turtle05 11 months ago

    You do realize we can’t hear game sounds when you have your game volume so low right?

  • Someguy inamechsuit 11 months ago

    The reason the Microsoft logo got bigger on the Vita is because it’s a big old *I’m touching you” to Sony

  • james the child 11 months ago

    i did notice it was smaller

  • Minimum Chaos 11 months ago

    Finally he admits it was a pig not a cow

  • Love Brothers 11 months ago

    The “What Went Wrong” of this update is making the pre-game text smaller. =)

  • StickBit 11 months ago

    come on guys just give us better together on switch. i don’t want moana skins at all. waste of time and licensing fees.

  • multi gamer 11 months ago

    my nightmare about minecraft pe controlling is winning

  • Bubba Doodah 11 months ago

    My Hot Bar has an extra slot on the left which is where the map resides.

  • Mitch Warrick 11 months ago

    The original changelog says 2017!

  • DejectedComic 11 months ago

    Tu62 god Damn I remember watching tu12 videos

  • Gavin Gamingg 11 months ago

    Im not aloud to have Twitter

  • Dino Playz 11 months ago

    is minecraft good on the xbox 360 couse i dont know if i should buy it

  • S Caldwell 11 months ago

    Please do a collaboration with Stampycat!!

  • Awesomeguys900 11 months ago

    Also, i noticed that after the update, on my Switch I could record gameplay with the capture button. Before then I could only take screenshots!

  • Angel Solcrest 11 months ago

    I have twitter but didn’t enter for the giveaway cuz I’m on the PS3 Edition…

  • Euan Tabamo 11 months ago

    I haven’t realized that the outro is Papyrus’ song

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