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Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition


Minecraft video



  • GreenCrafterLegends 11 months ago

    Stampy’s voice actually got deeper by 0.05% LOL, but I noticed it…

  • Woowoo Longface 11 months ago

    hi stumpy

  • Jayce Todd 11 months ago


  • Patrycja.gra.polska 11 months ago

    My favourite youtubers: Stampy and Dan


  • Foxygaming 3.0 11 months ago

    Can you make a racetrack?

  • Orangeshadow 11 months ago

    Stampy you messed up with the pumking

  • Pyrodermoid Dragon 11 months ago

    What else would you do when ur bored and watched every video in the YouTube history but this video? Watch your childhood

  • unicorn_girl 11 months ago

    plat more roblox

  • CreepercraftHD Gaming 11 months ago

    Hey can i join your club my gamertag is CreeperCraftGX

  • Soccer Stud 11 months ago

    OG Fan right here! Oh yeah! Keep up the awesome videos! Lit

  • Ralphy105 11 months ago

    I completely love your videos! Not to mention your tremendous minecraft world!!!

  • Robin Barry 11 months ago

    Be a dog instead of a cat for a video

  • Aiden Jenson 11 months ago

    stampy you forgot a repeter on the first pumpkin one you did.

  • Timelapse Slomo 11 months ago

    Lol most of the farms are copyed of Mumbo Jumbo Micro farms. Still good video!

  • Zach McCool 11 months ago

    Who else thinks stampy should let his dogs roam around while he builds

  • Everyday GamerXD 11 months ago

    Mr Stampy Are you gonna make more hunger games again?

  • Heath Alberts 11 months ago

    Command shift c only works on laptops

  • mega furios gamer 11 months ago

    Stampy your reapeter

  • Raging Revolution 11 months ago

    Episode 1000 is on the horizon, I think

  • World's Awesome Family Channel 11 months ago

    Can you please upload Ocean Den in the morning in Houston!

  • Benjytube Hd 11 months ago

    So close to 600

  • EagleEye8000 Sub to me plz 11 months ago

    Why don’t you make a channel where it is 18+ ( I mean you are allowed to swear and play violent games)

  • Scuttle Gaming 11 months ago

    1: Wheat
    2: Carrots
    3: Potatoes
    4: Beetroots
    5: Sugar Canes
    6: Melons
    7: Pumpkins
    8: Mushrooms
    9: Cactus
    10: Cocoa Beans
    11: Nether Wart
    12: Chorus Fruit

  • Scuttle Gaming 11 months ago

    Stampy, the first pumpkin thing isn’t working because you placed the block on the dirt and it broke and now the repeater in your inventory.

  • Tia Vyas 11 months ago

    Ni No Kuni II is coming out I hope ur gonna play it :)

  • Beth Handley 11 months ago

    Stampy this automated farm is CRAZY!Lol

  • DreamGamerX12 YT 11 months ago

    Thumbs up If you wish he would mine in battle monsters on camera

  • robert b 11 months ago

    The red stone thing was crushed by a block in the melons and punken farm

  • Fangirl272 _ 11 months ago

    Loved the video stamps! May i suggest another HTT video when you hit 600 episodes? I love those videos =))

  • Family muyas Vlogs 11 months ago

    Do roblox

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