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Welcome to my Let’s Play of the Xbox 360 Edition


Minecraft video



  • dougiethedondd 10 months ago

    OMG how much crafting tables have you made stampy

  • HeadlessHorsemanMC 10 months ago

    Can you begin rendering these in 1080p60 instead

  • Jennifer Evans 10 months ago

    Hi I’m on holiday at Butlins how r u Stampy I’m a big fan

  • David Kozak 10 months ago

    Dang this is the first video I’ve watched in years and he’s still going strong nice job stampy

  • XanderMashburn 0 10 months ago

    9:24 but that laugh tho

  • Joshie De Moshie 10 months ago

    Who remembers Journey?! I loved that game

  • Zoe deathstar 10 months ago

    he still make video on his lovely world, it change so much!!!
    last time a watch him I was 10 I’m now 16.

  • Halimah Kling 10 months ago

    Make a weather changing truck for winter and summer based on my toy wich I named stampy cats weather chaging truck and it is your skin colour

  • Kate Cheung 10 months ago

    tame the cat! name it lucky and let it be the co-owner :)

  • Kate Cheung 10 months ago

    was this inspired by goldpaw in ni non kuni 2? haha

  • tnkieplaysyt tnkieplaysyt 10 months ago

    tell squid that he needs to continue slippery survival or else he lied

  • Rocco Randazzo 10 months ago


  • Rocco Randazzo 10 months ago

    Stampy for the next fun land video can u do the game risk it

  • Kyle Gaming 10 months ago

    Get a silk touch pickaxe

  • Hub Vogelzang 10 months ago

    I love your video’s and the builds and pls shout me out

  • Ivan Walentine 10 months ago

    where did zelda go bring it back finish the champpion ballod

  • Conal Williamson 10 months ago

    can u start quest again and try to find a woodland mansion

  • Daniel Ryan 10 months ago

    Tame the ocelot and name it lucky

  • I haven’t watched this since 2012 such a nostalgia trip

  • Ryan Linnenbaugh 10 months ago

    the employee of the month game could be a game of luck and chance

  • K1NG 0F R4ND0M 10 months ago

    Oh my word stampy i miss you i watched you when you built your *FIRST* house on a mountain side…

  • Space Jace 10 months ago

    Thanks for the nostalgia stamp. Love ya.

  • Orhan deniz Arıkan 10 months ago

    Playy fortnite

  • Miloncini Designs 10 months ago

    9 mil!

  • Cayden Ludlow 10 months ago

    stampy The kind of cat who puts dirt in a casino machine and watch them get gold.

  • Reese606 10 months ago

    Can you add me to the love garden?

    I’m just kidding, I know the rules!

  • Blazing T 10 months ago

    How did he get the gems

  • Nick De Gamer 10 months ago

    Stampy you should build a car dealer or a mall !

  • killer bird X2 10 months ago

    Stampy, it’s killer Bird X2. I just wanna say I’ve been a fan for so long and I just wanna say may all your cakes be tasty. And make more hit the target vids. -kbx

  • killer bird X2 10 months ago

    Check out my you tube channel

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