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Minecraft Xbox – Lemur Lagoon Adventures Episode 27 – Coming soon! Welcome to Lemur Lagoon Adventures on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. This Lets Play Adventure will make Want to build…


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  • Candy Krush 5 years ago

    I want to see more adventures and maybe some new people and some crossovers
    with some people like stampy cat. Maybe some new buildings or a mystirious
    portal that goes somewhere. ?

  • Daniel Hennessey 5 years ago

    Do terria and invite me I’m really good at that game and as u can see I’m
    blowing up the comments?

  • Elizabeth Abitogun 5 years ago

    I want you to make a time machine and go to the future and find out all the
    animals got kidnapped and lt stealth is the only one left.?

  • nathan gamble 5 years ago

    Hey Steetz how are you today I had the worst christmas ever I am your
    biggest fan ever can I play with you on Xbox360 here is my gamer tag
    UnseenBullet115 my skin is Badger ?

  • QUEEN CAMELOT X 5 years ago

    GREAT VIDEO , wonderful ideas?

  • Rhys Lewis 5 years ago

    Have for a new all of your friends be captured by the sith
    and you can bring in some new friends to help you get your friend back and
    there are in space

  • Collin Rogers 5 years ago

    Can you build some more mini games in your world?

  • Adam Hall 5 years ago

    Ur awsome streetz

  • Nastudraganeel 5 years ago

    Street can I add you you can tell me you user on Facebook ?

  • Deshawn shawn 5 years ago

    Hey streetz I got an adventure for you

    So you start off your day as always when you see that c dillen isn’t in his
    house or shop so you go get lieutenant stealth and the beaver to go find
    the panda it wasn’t easy to get him when all of a sudden you see the panda
    you try and get him back but he attacks you then runs off into the cave of
    no return you fearlessly go in then the cave entrance blows up you can’t
    get out until you find puggey panda so you and the others go in further and
    what do you find mobs left and right you fight for 5 minutes so you go in
    further then you realize j lohen is gone panda has taken him so you go in
    further more mobs but not as many then you here footsteps behind you a new
    friend or enemy he says that he knows where panda and j lohen is so you
    follow him you see j lohen and panda but you also see a nether portal panda
    pushed himself and j lohen in the portal you follow you also have plenty if
    supplies so you thought you were fine until panda transformed unto the
    wither your friend gave you and stealth new armor and weapons better than
    the last set a new dagger for stealth so sharp it penetrate the strongest
    armor and for streetz a brand new bow that can burn anything with a single
    arrow you fight the wither it was a fierce battle but in the end you rescue
    j lohen and c dillen retrieved the nether star and and returned home when
    you see a new portal was made next to the dog house so you build a temple
    around the portal and you asked your friend there name he said Sam but his
    code name was heartlesspunk82 a secret agent sent to explore this island
    but his HQ called and said that the artifact that he was sent to find was
    already found so he was fired and had no way home so you suggested he stay
    home in the lagoon he agreed and they lived as happy as can be with a new
    friend on the island and lived happily ever after the end
    Hope you like the adventure it was hard to think of but I got it see ya
    streetz keep making vids I’m out ?

  • Comando Chick 360 5 years ago

    Oh yeah i forgot that you dont have ice any more so exept of hitting the
    ice in the ice you pass out in the water by drowning but not dead?

  • StreetzGaming 5 years ago

    New Minecraft Xbox Lets Play – Lemur Lagoon Adventures – Hall Of Guardians
    [26] ?

  • Daniel Hennessey 5 years ago

    Hey streets I got live my gamertag is hennessey1212 ?

  • Nastudraganeel 5 years ago

    For the club house I think you should make a party like whenever you feel
    like partying you should go to the club house?

  • Comando Chick 360 5 years ago

    This is my story

    One day like every other you wake up and start your video but you see lts
    stelth,pudgy panda and the beaver acting like their hipnotiesed but they
    actualy are and punch you of your ballkony and you fall so hard on the ice
    that you break throw it.then when you wake up your in a cage and see scary
    looking man and your friends bowing to him.then you find out that hes
    holding a staff that seems to be hipnotising your friends.when lts stelth
    is guarding your cage you remind him of your adventures that you had with
    him and he gets out of the trans.the rest of the story is about you getting
    the ret of your friends out of the trans and try to escape.
    hope you liked it :) ?

  • Gizmosacha 5 years ago

    Make Pudgy Panda get stolen by an evil person

  • Collin Rogers 5 years ago

    Maybe you could also build some more shops and businesses in the club house
    you could make a karaoke place where you could all sing some songs and
    incorporate a dance floor just ideas?

  • The gameing Craft 69 5 years ago

    I kind of always like your video But when i’m not watching it I can’t like
    them but I Watch almost all your videos?

  • Mary M 5 years ago

    You see a little girl at the club house.She tells you that her home was
    takin by a troll family.You go to kill the trolls.But that is the troll’s
    home and the girl is bad :) ?

  • Dominic Young 5 years ago

    I got an Adventure, you should Pack your stuff with LT Stealth and any
    other friends if there here
    And travel around the lagoon and see what’s up and most of your world! :D ?