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A speed run for all 4 bosses, seeing how fast I


Minecraft video



  • Quiet Karlos 10 months ago

    YAY! I love these videos.

  • Milo Diaz 10 months ago

    What items can you hold in your other hand in game?

  • FrothierCargo 04 10 months ago

    is in wath o hat

  • Trey Norris 10 months ago

    How about they can’t put the graphic packs on PS4 they are working for Xbox or there are just lazy

  • Jblitz 15 10 months ago

    Even with an extra boss, you did it by half an hour less!

  • Dean Normandin 10 months ago

    Your channel is gay.

  • Dovahkiin 813 10 months ago

    hey what’s a seed that has every thing a jungle water and desert temple a village and a mansion? the seed would be for the 360

  • aislingxqoneill 10 months ago

    use old skin

  • aislingxqoneill 10 months ago

    I love you

  • aislingxqoneill 10 months ago

    this is a nice comment

  • Neo Toresten 10 months ago

    talk slower pls

  • Xx Cool Gamer xX 10 months ago

    why is tu55 not out for xbox THIS GAME IS SH IT

  • The Turt1e9 10 months ago

    You have to defeat the Ender dragon but you only have 9 live!

  • While watching I found a seed that has a mansion but it has a village attached to the side of it if you want the seed just reply

  • 8BP Legend 10 months ago

    When will tu55 and tu56 be released?

  • cheezyMCsquezzy - Minecraft & more 10 months ago

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  • Justin Blais 10 months ago

    I am from north america so it was the after noon. It was so fun cause i was boerd. Thank you toycat great live stream!

  • Chris Valdez 10 months ago


  • LOL.

  • oh yes
    azsrxdcgfvbh jnm

  • Slim Lancaster 10 months ago

    Pro tip.. Go through the top next time in a ocean monument.. The guardian in there is easiest to kill.. Would have saved u about 5-10 min..

  • Undertaker498 Better not tell 10 months ago

    IdxToycat I subscribed

  • popularmmos dantdm 10 months ago

    02:53 57

  • mr adw 10 months ago

    daym this was so much fun

  • booster 10 months ago

    Takes 4 hours for 3, 3 hours for 4

  • Nelson Lopez 10 months ago

    i can see what is going on

  • Christian Spear 10 months ago

    I feel like the evoker is a boss because of the reasons you say and he summons minions and always has bodyguards, which are good reasons to be considered a boss

  • Vultcat 10 months ago

    This was streamed on my birthday! YAY, one of my favorite YouTubers live-streamed on my birthday!

  • FrankyXop Gaming 10 months ago

    Console exclusive huh? with the 1.2 update of Minecraft Pocket edition, not for long.

  • soni12006 10 months ago

    The evoker was a boss.

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