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Answering YOUR Questions For Minecraft Xbox 360,


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  • Kynan Rowan 9 months ago

    If they’re worried about natural disasters destroying the players builds, why don’t they just make it so you could enable/disable it in the settings when your first making your game?

    I’d love to see at least something like a flash flood or meteor strike disaster become a reality for vanilla minecraft.

  • Hi By 9 months ago

    Qna do you think pengenwill be in mincraft in the next update

  • Gamer Games 9 months ago

    what if natural disaster’s were optional when creating the world so it is the players choice to have them or not.

  • Hi By 9 months ago

    Do you think bees will come sorry I forgot QNA

  • PlatypusPlayz 9 months ago

    What was the first console and video game you ever owned?

  • Super_Ultra Mario_Plushies 9 months ago

    QnA Do you think we will get new mashup packs (Pokemon)

  • Jedileader 01 9 months ago

    For next QnA, do you think natural disasters could exist as an opption you can turn on or off like coordinates or fire spread.

  • Jedileader 01 9 months ago

    I have a seed on bedrock that has a village at spawn and a Shipwreck within the starting map, that has a map that leads to treasure within the starting map as well. The seed is 1062773548.

  • Jordy Puppy 9 months ago

    QNA when is this update aquatic coming out? Last month it was in 2 weeks and now I have no idea.

  • Agnes Link 9 months ago

    QNA do you think polar bears will spawn in iceberg biomes in 1.13

  • robert calderon 9 months ago

    Wow this guy answers a lot of questions

  • Buildingblox Minecraft 9 months ago

    What are the most unlikely possible future features for Minecraft? I think that the least likely possible future feature is guns.

  • its sareX MC 9 months ago

    Hello I’m Toycat?
    Also they should add the natural disasters into hardcore mode because hardcore is not that that hard

  • imaperson52 9 months ago

    Q&A: Why is it easier to add mobs related to existing mobs (Ex: Bears) than to make a new mob entirely?

  • Inflatedshark 37 9 months ago

    Q&A: will cars (small automobiles) come out in mc? That way they could take you to places quicker in your minecraft world.

  • Matty.D Parker Vlogs. 9 months ago

    Q but you give me A. Why don’t you answer questions about life and the universe anymore?
    P.S What did you have for breakfast?

  • Kaitlyn McClean 9 months ago

    Will shields be coming to minecraft bedrock? That would be so handy for everything lol

  • WreckItNate Gang 9 months ago

    Q&A: will we see custom skins soon and did they cancel the Super duper graphics

  • mr justice league 9 months ago

    Qna will more ocean animals after update 1.13?

  • mr justice league 9 months ago

    QnA will update 1.13 come to play station 3?

  • Shadow Blaster9 9 months ago

    Are any hostile mobs besides the new zombies gonna be added to oceans in the aquatic update

  • Fraser Pocock 9 months ago

    Toycat can you explain the sweeping edge enchantment

  • Drew Tanner 9 months ago

    Q&A do you think that they are ever going to add different weapons

  • Joshua Ulrich 9 months ago

    I’d love to see sand storms in the desert

  • Andrew Jay 9 months ago

    me. 35. Australian update is gonna be awesome. drop bears , kangaroos that drop pouches to catch baby animals and boomarangs. koalas. in dry bioms.

  • Agent Dawgg 9 months ago

    qna hey there so I’ve been a map maker since the start of xbox 360 MC release (2012) and I’m currently working on my 78th adventure map. And I want to get my maps out there. do you think they will add a way to submit maps to the bedrock store somtime soon?

  • Kacee 9 months ago

    I would really hate natural disasters in minecraft. It’s like I sit down to play my favorite game and then a hurricane comes past and destroys everything and probably reminds me of hurricane Irma and how scary that was and how living in Florida, I didn’t know what was going to happen and if my friends or family would be hurt… I’m so glad it wasn’t as strong by the time it reached us, but people have lost so much to natural disasters it doesn’t seem like a great idea to put them in a game. Maybe that’s just me though and mostly everyone else is fine with it…

  • Kian Little 9 months ago

    QnA im making a map so if/how its possible, how would i make a thing you could right click to activate a command block?(edited because you like edited)

  • MRMDAWURM MRMDAWURM 9 months ago

    QnA Toycat, what do you think a “Nautilus_Core” is? It is in the game files for update aquatic in the buried treasure. Maybe it has to do with the trident…

  • Kyle Wilshusen 9 months ago

    Thanks for answering my question toycat! Food science is definitely something that’s interesting. Also, my logo is the current coat of arms of Germany. And my last name is pronounced like “Will-shoe-zen”

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