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Minecraft video



  • supernikopro 1 1 year ago

    Wooo cool art lol

  • - Alicia - 1 year ago

    Do a new prison series

  • king Phantom 1 year ago

    Mitch do solo bedwars against laake and quiff everyman for himself

  • Titan 1 year ago

    mitch is the kind of youtuber that posts 5 vids per day just to get some views

  • Sonya Yake 1 year ago

    GO Long_5!

  • Sonya Yake 1 year ago

    I was 5th to like too!

  • Ian Young 1 year ago

    Noice love the vid

  • Rizoan Islam 1 year ago

    mai barfday

  • Jake Castillo 1 year ago


  • Kalil 15 1 year ago

    Feels like I watched this before

  • Jen C 1 year ago

    Oh nice animation at the begining

  • Bruce Johnson 1 year ago

    Plz play roblox

  • THE GAMER123 1 year ago

    Oh best of tree

  • Banana man 1 year ago

    Hi mich it’s me Caleb and I like the vid even if I don’t like it

  • Ooi Eu Chin 1 year ago

    like your thumbnail

  • Lenz Vidz 1 year ago

    Minecraft YouTube is dying. Mitch I think you’re ace but move on.. Do other games. Most minwcrafters are having problems getting views.

  • حمزة خالد 1 year ago

    thank you mitch for Aver thing

  • Vikkstar 123 HD 1 year ago

    Yo sup dude

  • Chope Playz 1 year ago


  • John Nevin 1 year ago

    1000th like yay

  • Giraffes are awsome 1 year ago

    Y did this vid do so bad this was a good vid

  • John Paul 1 year ago

    This video was awesome

  • David PlayZ Gaming 1 year ago

    This was fun

  • DerpyPT Gamer 1 year ago

    I know you never awnser the COMMENTS (i think), but i wanna ask you if u already joined Did you? I saw someone with ir name there

  • harry123gaming 1 year ago

    Hey I’ve been watching u since the start basically I remeber watching from hunger games 12

  • Sarah Moore 1 year ago

    Gg Mitch

  • Tweedy Naima50 1 year ago

    GG mitch

  • Ramon Sanders 1 year ago

    Make it look like a girl

  • Sally ウサギ Wolf 星 1 year ago

    Mitch: Of- BEUTIFUL art work provided by MAW~
    Me: He is a work of art. 7w7|||

  • Santiago B Lopez 1 year ago

    hi you are doing great I love you

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