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We are back at the theme park for more fun and


Minecraft video



  • PopularMMOs 10 months ago

    We did this pretty legitly!!! Man this was a rough episode…lol

  • MonsterousMixter 10 months ago

    6:09 You can see they were in creative

  • Kaylee Jones 10 months ago

    Yea. I got it. I’m in Oklahoma city. I got it at Barnes and noble book store

  • Taylor and jaids toy box 10 months ago

    What happened when you were in that

  • Dominic Vu 10 months ago

    I’ve been going through the whole world to find you guys so I can take a selfie with you I’ve been paying a lot of money for the trip but at least I bought your book :)

  • Detective J 10 months ago

    Ark pls

  • Golden Rooster 10 months ago

    Pause at 12:56 they went creative

  • Destiny moses Markuki 10 months ago

    I want to buy your book but i am 9 years old and I don’t have money to buy it

  • Olivia Stafford 10 months ago

    U guys need to turn off unit collision

  • charlene storey 10 months ago

    I love you Pat and hen I mean Jen and cloud you guys are my fav

  • charlene storey 10 months ago


  • Nicole Barker 10 months ago

    Wonderful book XD

  • Gummy_bears_ yay 10 months ago

    im new to the channel

  • Jolin Kurniawan 10 months ago

    You guys did awesome in the parkour!!!

  • PurpleShadow ! 10 months ago

    Im actually crying right now xD

  • JOHN ALEXIS 10 months ago

    Can you guys make more lucky block races please

  • JOHN ALEXIS 10 months ago

    Can you also play real granny

  • PurpleShadow ! 10 months ago

    This was supposed to be episode 9?

  • Marlena Trembach 10 months ago

    is ur book a graphic novel? plz reply!

  • Sam Holden 10 months ago

    Will you blow this up when you are done

  • Amanda Martin 10 months ago

    Your going to bump into my chest -pat 2018

  • Dionne YT 10 months ago

    I love u❤️❤️❤️

  • Death_ The_Transform 10 months ago

    U Break The Leaf Pat U DIDN’T DID IT LEGIT PAT

  • Nolan Klein 10 months ago

    jen: Sorry I got angry lol

  • Kawaii Cupcakes! 10 months ago

    I started choking on my cheese when I heard it was a parkour map

  • Kelsey Peart 10 months ago

    Jen and pat I have the book and I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Compra Philippines 10 months ago
  • BudderLion 10 months ago

    I’m 63 years old and I’m watching this….

  • BlueFan99 10 months ago

    damn! You are still going strong!

  • slydawg811 10 months ago

    Be my friend in roblox. My name is Dexybear11 and mine in Fortnite my name is dexEbear11

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