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This time, Baldi isn’t satisfied with Herobrine


Minecraft video



  • GhostBlock | Minecraft Animations 4 months ago

    I’m back with a ten minutes video, this’s why I didn’t upload that much like I used to do with 5 minutes video. Btw, I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to add any subtitle if ya want. I will be soon reviewing it if I get to have enough time :D

  • Adriel Burnett 4 months ago

    This is my favorite

  • Dislike = baldi s fans or baldi s other accounts XD

  • Adeeb Ahmad 4 months ago

    Kill baldi

  • Θν9ƶ 4 months ago

    That Amazing, Nice Animetion Bro Good Job!

  • András Sallai 4 months ago

    good! :)

  • REAL SPRING TRAP YT 4 months ago

    Herobring singing it’s really cool moment

  • Melchora Villarin 4 months ago

    Baldi always teach us a Math.
    Herobrine it’s not teaching their students a math.

  • Сергей Гарманов 4 months ago

    Он за Херобрин певец

  • BenTMP 4 months ago

    1:21 I died

  • Rosa J. Merced 4 months ago

    Jaaaaaaaajaaaaaaaa get reck boldi

  • FuturisticHub 4 months ago

    Nice man you have my support and respect by making a video this long that ACTUALLY isn’t misleading to the title. Other channels do that and its not right so dude great job on the video! :)

  • Melchora Villarin 4 months ago

    8:56 XD!

  • TØP TÂN LAI 4 months ago


  • Anime cross Chara Sans 4 months ago

    Herobrine b-soda machine gun

  • Ksawcio Linek 4 months ago


  • 1k subs with no vids challenge 4 months ago


  • Damian W 4 months ago

    This is the best video I ever see

  • Sofia Ghiga 4 months ago


  • Yiu leong Wong 4 months ago

    Bring back the skeleton life series I want to see part three plz

  • energeticbombom 4 months ago

    lol this was recommended to me on an SS marching song video

  • Hawk Agar & More 4 months ago

    Love it best funny famous video excellent video and beautiful voice

  • baby love BangTan ARMY 4 months ago

    8:57 song name plz♡♡♡♡

  • Davin Aaron Kusuma 4 months ago

    Licu banget

  • Jake Pierce 4 months ago

    Hey judge somebody I mean that’s teesta powerful

  • tyler d 4 months ago

    OMG this video made me laugh to death !

  • Milovy10 Milovy 10 4 months ago

    byg like nice video

  • Ritu Ritu 4 months ago


  • Resultulkan RT 4 months ago

    PART 2 PLS!!! LİKE!!

  • ResulTulkan RT 4 months ago

    Herobrine team vs baldi team

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