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Welcome to Reach! A new modded smp focused on everything magic and mystical things! â-»Video Schedule: Videos go up at (4pm PST) (6pm CST) (7pm EST) â-»Mcprohosting discount: Get 25% when …

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  • Bryta 5 years ago

    Bryan, I am new to your channel and it is absolutely wonderfully fantastic,
    but I have a few questions. First might be a little rough but let’s see…
    I am thinking if you should make a new channel because look, you have 20k
    and get and average of 1k – 5k views per video plus an average of 150
    likes. What I’m asking is for that you to make a new channel because of all
    the inactive subscribers you have. If you don’t like the decision it is
    fine, but that’s just me and it is your choice. Honestly it is painful to
    see an amazing YT’er like you with 20k get so many inactive. Another
    suggestion is for a series I was wondering you could eventually play. For
    Christmas I got a one year modding course for Minecraft and was wanting to
    make one. So my question is what type of Genre do you like in games. What I
    mean is do you like Modern, Midevil, etc. That is all I wanted to ask you
    and plus I saw that you added me on Google Plus. I’m new to YT and Google
    Plus so Thanks for adding me! PS- I saw you on MCSG and I was wondering if
    you were playing because MCSG is my favorite Minecraft server ^_^?

  • TheFamousFilms 5 years ago

    “MORE WITHER SKULLS” Minecraft Reach SMP Ep 13?