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You’ll be prepared for 1.13 before everybody


Minecraft video



  • FiskFille 1 year ago

    More like 18w07sea, amirite?

  • Mr. Lap 1 year ago

    Resistance 6 makes you 100% invincible

  • rstehens1252 1 year ago

    I subbed and liked the video

  • Wave Man 1 year ago


  • cupik dookie 1 year ago

    wooden wall could be easier… and problly works fine

  • Crzy Wisfy 04 1 year ago


  • Hayley Bellocchi 1 year ago

    How do you do that snapshot thing

  • WolfMattMC 1 year ago

    3:45 When you don’t have optifine to zoom so you just turn down the fov…

  • Tygra Gaming 1 year ago

    I just realised that if you consontrate on logdotzips logo you can see his channel name.

  • Oliver Söderbaum Djordjevic 1 year ago

    did you know that the kelp under the water, the idea comes from a game called subnautica. in subnautica there is a biome that is called kelp forset. You gotta check subnautica out.

  • Jamie Fanning 1 year ago


  • Exosaint 1 year ago

    dat water elevator puts piston elevators to shame in speed terms

  • milan 1 year ago

    is it a mod or a update

  • Sara Bingley 1 year ago


  • Tadas 1 year ago

    i don’t even play minecraft anymore. why am i watching this?

  • Twisters Company 1 year ago

    Thank you so much. Please post another

  • ITZFUZIONBOY 1 year ago

    Who thinks Logdotzip is the funniest youtuber

  • Gee Kid [myles] 1 year ago

    i wish i could play this snapshot but when ever i do and go into the water and then hop out of the water is lags like crazy!!!

  • Warren Marquez 1 year ago

    Your item floating in your item so there’s no more easy egg farm?

  • HaydenAyen ID 1 year ago

    10:09 oh i see everything

  • Super_Craft1001 1 year ago

    Really want carpenters slopes in vanilla. And water to fill the air left around the slope.

  • PewDiePig/Pug TV 1 year ago

    wait so are they adding SWIMMING ANIMATIONS! or u use a mod cause better movin is cool

  • Pei Jir Yeoh 1 year ago

    More like lord god zip amirite

  • Doctor jack_Gaming 1 year ago

    Not a fan of the magma mechanics

    maybe if they add water magma and magma and only water magma would pull you down

  • Adam Lemrini 1 year ago

    Its, again, a texture pack or mod. The water elevators are, AGAIN, commands.

  • Crafted Pigman 1 year ago

    let me tell you a joke for the end:

    Well,it was just a dragon!

  • The Game Cheese 1 year ago

    Yutub is dronk agen

  • Wikrama Musyaffa 1 year ago

    3:57 game over logdotzip

  • SJ Vlogs 1 year ago

    This snapshot is DANK

  • NinjaFrog15 1 year ago

    Is there really gonna be a swimming animation

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