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  • wattles 3 months ago

    What farm do you think we are going to do next episode (which should release tomorrow)?

  • Rafa Alghazali 3 months ago

    Wowza.. ur lets play is wonderful

  • Star MS 3 months ago

    U will reach 100k soon!

  • Pher3v AA 3 months ago

    I swear i won’t stop watching this series

  • Cruster Master 3 months ago

    Wait did they change something with rendering chunks on 1.14 because for me the rendering is getting worse and worse

  • Tom Brown 3 months ago

    Everything is so different there are even beds in the village and hardly any houses. The village I found did not have a smithing station with the typical chest that had iron ore sometimes diamonds etc and food. Though I found a chest in a house that had some food. There is a few new blocks to make and new mobs too.

  • József 3 months ago

    Not sure if anyone else suggested it yet, but for the docks, keep the dark logs under the water line, and replace the ones above the water with oak wood. That way you can achieve a sort of “wet” wood look

  • clay station 3 months ago

    I think the base should be called cave stone cove

  • Da Boy 3 months ago

    Wattles for hermitcraft season 7???

    Probably not, but i can still hope.

  • Eddy Gaming 3 months ago

    Road to 100 000!

  • RobKcmo 3 months ago

    You can fish for saddles I catch one almost every time I go fishing Bows and books

  • RobKcmo 3 months ago

    Stagecoaches what they used to Rob all wood call The covered wagon pioneers used to move out west. Lol

  • RobKcmo 3 months ago

    And for the outside bottom barrels and boxes used to hang off the sides of the wagon which will camouflage the bottom for you

  • Purple Man 3 months ago

    Put ladders on trapdoors

  • tsunsu 3 months ago

    The structure you built is called a covered wagon it was usely pulled by animeles like cows and bulls as they could lift more waight. It a very cool base and i love it. I belive gypsys still use um. Even in this day of age. Nicely done.

  • Jim Tamim 3 months ago

    That look like your face

  • Banana gamer 3 months ago

    Can you include a download link for your world for every 15 episodes or so?

  • Fin Dog 3 months ago

    Your play style is terrible

  • metaprophet 3 months ago

    Hey Wattles,

    2 things:

    1.: Are you planning on using shaders once Optifine ist out?

    2.: You can, if I’m not mistaken, place ladders onto trapdoors now. So the ladders on the wagon won’t look so blocky anymore

  • waterfy 3 months ago

    Try adding buttons in wheels

  • Fläsket The Pig 3 months ago

    Did they remove the normal stone stairs?

  • Novie Beltran 3 months ago

    Build a automatic farm and make a base in the shipwreck

  • foiltap gaming 3 months ago

    You should add the lanterns to the fences

  • JDCFreestyle 3 months ago

    You should make an underwater tunnel to the island.

  • Edin Handan 3 months ago

    Whats the seed

  • Joep Stuijt 3 months ago

    How do you have optifine in 1.14

  • ZookZide. Yt 3 months ago

    i love it but can you maybe build a proper house or something later on nearby???/
    but overall i am a hugeeee fan of this series so please keep it up

  • 殤炎 3 months ago

    “Hole sweet hole”

  • SlothFang 3 months ago

    Something that I’ve though of since you first started this LP:

    If the world is haunted… that just means you’ll end up needing to make a spooky mineshaft, haunted mansion, and other scary haunted builds in the future.

    Perhaps for the month of October?

  • Trent Shuey 3 months ago

    This guide is helping me get back into Minecraft thx

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