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Find out what it takes to complete minecraft as


Minecraft video



  • CLM Bigbro 10 months ago

    fight the Wither with a wooden sword(no potions) :)

  • [ HermannM ] 10 months ago

    7:01 Yaay, Syra’s Video!!!

  • My Life As Me 10 months ago

    Lol! This was different! I was like where is Tyler?!
    Community Challenge: make a survive for one Minecraft day while eating a pizza till your done! the pizza *has* to be in your hand the whole time

  • JacobMC_26 Gaming 10 months ago

    TYLER!!!! NO!!!!

  • Diamond Fist 10 months ago

    try to survive a whole mc day with nothing

  • Yummy Jam Studios 10 months ago

    Who da flip is dis?

  • Yummy Jam Studios 10 months ago

    Let’s get Tyler fired! I like this guy more!

  • ScreenNameMissing 10 months ago

    Welp… that’s the first time I’ve actually slapped the like button… @RedVecktor is a much better choice of host for MNU. MNU should be structured and on subject… something Tyler has a VERY hard time with. haha xD

  • Keledis Drumgoole 10 months ago

    Who is that?

  • Just AlBal 10 months ago

    What happened to the Minecraft in this video very jerky. Good job on the MNU this week. Still as good as ever.

  • HappyHippo 10 months ago


  • Thunder Blade 10 months ago

    Battle 1,000 Zombies

  • 1제이 10 months ago

    Didn’t RedVactor quit?

  • DanieggsGaming 10 months ago

    I’d say pretty good job. :)

  • Bloxy Man 10 months ago

    Try to fight 50 zombies with a leather chestplate and wooden sword

  • MangaMango Snowfox24 10 months ago

    Next week’s community challenge could be catching every single thing you possible can catch while fishing. But the only enchantments that can be on the rod are unbreaking and mending

  • Balanced Breakfast 10 months ago

    eyy the next challenge can be survive 2 nights on normal or hard but you can only have low render distance and can only play backwards ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Arttu Kettunen 10 months ago

    Tyler still probably spent as much time teaching RecVacktor to make this, as doing it himself…

  • stanford pines 10 months ago

    Dislikes from *ROBLOX PLAYER*

  • Mini Knight 10 months ago

    Try, getting the exact materials I’m going to list you for a whole day.
    64 wooden planks,1 crafting table, 3 furnaces, 38 cobblestone, 24 stone, 20 iron (not ore), and 8 gold ore.
    If you don’t get these exact materials you lost the challenge.

  • jffry sith 10 months ago

    that was possibly the easiest challenge in history

  • zypher 10 months ago

    2:36 aaye there’s my tweet

  • SteveBricks 9137 10 months ago

    Wheres tyler?

  • SteveBricks 9137 10 months ago

    Wow lyke him too

  • YEET 21 10 months ago

    Who dafuq is dis gie?

  • Malachi Eaton 10 months ago

    i was born in the year of the dog

  • Morgan Ngunga 10 months ago

    I miss Tyler :(

  • Nintendo Junior 10 months ago

    I think you forgot to enhance the mic at the outro. There is noticeable reverb and others at 12:11.

    idk what the point of this is

  • The gold Head 10 months ago

    I miss one thing and that is the real logdotzip

  • Smiley TV * 10 months ago

    You should do more vids with red

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