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Minecraft video



  • RedgreengamerYT Minecraft 1 year ago

    who came here because of preston!

  • The Cat 1 year ago

    I’m late ☹

  • Abdullah Erfan 1 year ago

    Dude I love your new intro it’s awesome

  • Nes Uy 1 year ago


  • Ariel Arielrizkyramadhanertaran 1 year ago

    undying sword is like bow

  • Ryan Manalac 1 year ago

    On Console?

  • DeadpoolkillTime Yolo 1 year ago

    Give me 12007900,000,000,00,000000,0000 Subs and if you do that i Will let you have my Nerf sniper

  • DARKLORD 330 1 year ago

    Nice Skin!!!

  • Zap Death 1 year ago

    #undying items

  • Francisco Cancino 1 year ago

    i can have nintedo swich

  • Francisco Cancino 1 year ago

    i suscrube

  • Crish Augus 1 year ago


  • MAGO AMBITION 1 year ago

    Did he know he can tame that golem thing I did a video on it yesterday tame it with emeralds and grow it with diamonds

  • Jerry Zou 1 year ago

    You should use totem of undying armor too

  • Jerry Zou 1 year ago

    That add on is awesome

  • John Kustok 1 year ago

    Awesome dude

  • EnderDZN 1 year ago

    Im new to realms

  • EnderDZN 1 year ago

    Its RealEnderDZN

  • djie hen tju 1 year ago


  • djie hen tju 1 year ago


  • zack playz 1 year ago

    booooooooooooooo its a addon

  • noel ashraff 1 year ago

    it took me a few minutes to understand what vanilla minecraft means

  • zack playz 1 year ago

    and you died by stupid wither? and you have a op sword and 2x heart your a noob

  • DinoRyan 1 year ago

    Sub to me pls

  • Jayson bush 1 year ago

    I have that mod alread

  • Sign King 1 year ago

    How come I have iOS and I don’t have the update please help

  • sharmin sultana 1 year ago

    why do you have a noob face

  • Melika Dixon 1 year ago

    Hi rage I’m nasty nasja your show’s are so excited and awesome your very cool

  • Chital Patel 1 year ago


  • lebonades 1 year ago

    Sub and comment below and I will sub back to you and like 4 of your videos.

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