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Today we play NO RULES Minecraft Delta Lucky


Minecraft video



  • Emily M. 8 months ago

    You probably won’t see this but I’m going to a monster truck show

  • Sophie H 8 months ago

    What was the dasha prank?

  • Dorito Gamer 8 months ago

    Way happended to Andrew

  • Drewgon22 8 months ago

    dasha and austin literally ruined the entire stream and yet Jerome never deopped them

  • Riley Mcmillen 8 months ago

    Who is Dasia its dascha

  • Preston Taylor 8 months ago

    Just say
    1. No Cheating
    Then say the definition of cheating

  • CHANCE KUEFFNER 8 months ago

    Call it the insanity rules, so that there are rules but they’re very few

  • SuperBatMan 8 months ago

    Ahh my favorite game mode on my birthday

  • WhyJokers619 8 months ago

    Just call it 1 rule lucky block walls

  • Zayne 8 months ago

    I’m gonna be honest with this, its hard to watch this i stopped watching this at the moment you realized austin was cheating

  • Night Legend405 8 months ago

    Can Austin get Deop and then ban no offence Austin just don’t invite Austin to no rules ever again

  • Angel Lilli 8 months ago

    JeromeASF I think you meant Green Mario not Luigi

  • Tommyplayz Mc 8 months ago

    Just change the title of your video to make it fair

  • John Verrastro 8 months ago

    You have one friend TEWITY also if you don’t want to deal with these people just go back to doing videos with Ben Alex and tewity

  • Magnolia May Villaspin 8 months ago

    Use the full set of reaper

  • Ashley Mann 8 months ago

    Good video keep it up

  • SkylarHyena 8 months ago

    * reads No Rules * Oh god this is going to be a mess…

  • KaruNoGamer 8 months ago

    First Time seeing Jerome Breaking.Mainly he is the one who breaks people.

  • Dave Henri Mecuando 8 months ago


  • little Ninja g 8 months ago


  • Brody Hickman 8 months ago

    I got spooped

  • Zachary Sylvester 8 months ago

    I have a consert to night

  • Tristan 0144 8 months ago

    Same, watching since hunger games

  • Noah guillotte 8 months ago

    I found out that me and you have the same birthday

  • Mnstrman06 8 months ago

    Wanna see a real internet troll. Click read more.

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  • let's build 8 months ago

    Markiplier is better than sigles,ben,Austin and everyone besides Jerome and Alex and alex’cat because markiplier has 20 million subscribers

  • dallas S 8 months ago

    Put me in there I’ll stop them Jerome

  • Alex Carter 8 months ago

    Give them there lucky blocks from now on with a chest don’t say no rules you have to specify things more of Austin will be a idiot

  • caleb losch 8 months ago


  • Joshua Gamboa 8 months ago

    This was probably the most silent stream from Jerome ever… :/

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