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Minecraft video



  • Raymond Renard 1 year ago

    Please give me a shout out plz

  • Raymond Renard 1 year ago

    In your next video

  • Elijah Lamb 1 year ago

    I love the outro music where did you find that?

  • queenslim211 1 year ago

    Preston I loved it to me it seems like the best one yet .but bro you are funny .and I am a girl and I like to say bro so don’t judge me

  • queenslim211 1 year ago


  • queenslim211 1 year ago

    Wait is that boy your brother

  • queenslim211 1 year ago

    Or some friend

  • kenetic 2 1 year ago

    Hi. Lol I’m a walking house plant

  • kenetic 2 1 year ago

    Olso if read this comment call ma Jeff I love your videos and pls do do hide and seek with the morf mod

  • TruePugJedi 1 year ago

    When it is the first time you see WALLSTREET’S FACE

  • Danny Evergate 1 year ago

    This made me laugh so hard. XD I subcribe

  • manny sanchez 1 year ago

    your brother is landonRB

  • happyawsomebrandon 1 year ago

    preston how did you download minecraft for your pc? for some reason my minecraft keeps crashing i downloaded java version thats why

  • Joker 555 1 year ago


  • Red TRM 1 year ago

    Why preston u r do good in parkour I’m also good but I need to know how to do nemos and fence jumps

  • Tavius Little 1 year ago

    Sell a merch next video

  • DarkPhantom Gaming 1 year ago

    I can’t believe I been subbed for 3 years xD

  • aodha o keeffe 1 year ago

    Do you like Rogue One Preston

  • COOL TACO 1 year ago


  • Paul Richards 1 year ago

    I’m in 2018 lol(:

  • Paul Richards 1 year ago

    I’m one with the force from Robert one

  • Paul Richards 1 year ago


  • Dominik Gabas 1 year ago

    Načo čakáš naň ho

  • Dominik Gabas 1 year ago

    Jak sa ta mapa volá

  • Dominik Gabas 1 year ago

    Všechno najlepšie k novému roku 2018

  • Dorito Squad Michael 1 year ago

    Hi preston I like ur trolls pls keep up the trolling and your skin is so epic

  • Minecraft Wolfie 1 year ago


  • Megan Schenher 1 year ago

    2018 ya

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