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Minecraft video



  • CMEAC 1013 1 year ago

    When Jerome takes the black panther suit he becomes, The Bearded Panther!

  • Ultimate_Assasin 1 year ago

    do you know jerome that royal guardian armor is better than queen scake armor.

  • Le Cookie Monstèr 1 year ago

    Yo JeromeASF , I have two pieces of advice for you guys
    1) make ductape – string and slime
    2) make a chainsaw- ultimate sword and ultimate axe .
    Hope this helps, big fan subed for long time

  • Patrick Mendiola 1 year ago

    I want jerome to do 100 streams tomorrow

  • DraconicGamer 1 year ago

    If im correct, royal guardian is better than queenscale. Just sayin.

  • TomuxLTU 1 year ago

    where to get crazy craft modpack?

  • Daisuke 1999 1 year ago

    hey pls make a “High Energy Pellet Laucher” it power up by red stone and it shoot a buble pullet that can bound to the wall in front of it and Especially that it can INSTANT KILL anything that the bubble touch it,no matter if it a Player,King Or Queen also Mobzilla(but you willl need to do about the abily to break block of it) too

  • Daisuke 1999 1 year ago

    you can make a system from it to farm kill the queen and king for Item

  • vVolley Games And More 1 year ago

    Royal g set is better then Queen scale right

  • LDshadowlady fan 1 year ago


  • Sandra Baker 1 year ago

    Bruh…… Why not put the big bertha sword in the emc table and make lots of them bro!!!!!

  • liam kiwi 1 year ago

    hey jerome just wanted to say that when looking for things in a chest type it in the bar at the bottom and double click the bar it shows if it is in there

  • Aiden Sm 1 year ago

    Jerome… Nobody can beat my dad in ark for reasoning he tamed a spino naked no cheats abd with just a stone arrow crossbow and also he can tame a titanasaur in 2 minutes easily challenge him if you dare

  • liam kiwi 1 year ago

    you easter bunny makes queen eggs

  • Jake Latimer 1 year ago

    Instead of black panther he is da black bacca

  • T Ben 1 year ago

    Captain Uganda

  • Harry Bunce 1 year ago

    Its 252 attack damage

  • Eric Lee 1 year ago

    Those people who say that the Slice has a longer reach, don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Conor Meehan 1 year ago

    Make the ultimate bow

  • Justin Dollery 1 year ago

    Jerome you can get the royal gardin sword but not the armor

  • Pooop Bob 1 year ago

    The meowamere shoots cats and rainbows

  • Abdurrahman Risheq 1 year ago

    i think tewity is ded dead

  • Milei Moo 1 year ago


  • Nerds Forever 1 year ago

    Do the first minuet in 0.5 speed
    If you don’t know how then press the 3 dots and press playback speed.
    Original idea by nice dragon

  • Mia Larson 1 year ago

    Ben at 27:53

  • Gabriel Kopcsik 1 year ago

    Which crazy craft version is this

  • Juan Carrasco 1 year ago


  • Jumat Osman 1 year ago


  • Ethan Bhattacharya 1 year ago

    Get the ultimunt bow

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