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Today we build a ship for an awesome battle at


Minecraft video



  • Austin Patton 1 year ago


  • Luke Whaley 1 year ago

    Jerome’s ohh buddy sounds like Union Pacific 844’s whistle look it up

  • Evante Niehaus 1 year ago


  • Emma Slime lover 1 year ago


    Except not though so ummm…… hello I guess

  • Boostio 01 1 year ago

    Go patriots

  • armed kalev 1 year ago

    Pls do more of this map

  • Grace Haywood 1 year ago

    Jerome u r the best I subscribed

  • Jay Alfonso Comia 1 year ago

    Arpeggio of Blue Ben Season 2 hahahaha

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 1 year ago

    Bork 196

  • Juno Santy Tolentino 1 year ago

    RECREATE IT with the mod

  • kings of the gods 1 year ago


  • Jan Ace Villadolid 1 year ago
  • Antwon Miller 1 year ago

    Those are some Sea worthy vessels right there :)

  • TateBoiiis 1 year ago

    31:28 “Ben we have no balls!” -Jerome 2018

  • Felix Cox 1 year ago

    Seeing impractical jokers

  • Izzy 1 year ago

    You can build sky ships, build up tall then break the blocks below so then no one can get to ur ship
    (saw it on Preston’s channel)

  • General Hux 1 year ago

    jerome should have made the USS New Jersey

  • Ouma Shu 1 year ago

    why cant they play the game itself XD

  • Chops1010 Minecraft and More 1 year ago

    Jerome should do a series where him and the guys play Minecraft but doesn’t tell them he’s recording

  • Coding Carlos 1 year ago

    This video really good do more of this

  • Alexander Elderhorst 1 year ago

    only reason that guy was better was he spawns with 10million bloody balls and you get 1 each

  • Jesse Bramley-Brett 1 year ago

    Hello my hero JeromeASF

  • Jesse Bramley-Brett 1 year ago

    Jerome I’ve got a cold but seeing Nice seeing you

  • Jeff Vlogs 1 year ago

    Do you kno de wae

  • Arya Silverleaf 1 year ago

    I am hawaii In my opinion it is a tourist shirt….

  • PikaPika 23 1 year ago

    Please do this again!!!!

  • javon brown 1 year ago

    jerome can you play sea of thieves please you could play with anyone online

  • 29:08

  • dank memes 1 year ago


  • Anthony Tanza 1 year ago

    This Game was GREAT!

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