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Minecraft Survival LP – Discovering an Outpost


Minecraft video



  • oscar Kirby 1 week ago

    U should really make an automatic wheat farm

  • Kacey Plays 1 week ago

    You should surround the island with pirate ships and make a house in the middle.

  • Soham Biyani 1 week ago

    Please make quartz themed!.!.!

  • Zendrick Stehl Acero 1 week ago

    Hey pyth, how is your skyblock today, haven’t you uploaded yet?

  • VR Addict Videos 1 week ago

    have now ruined your villager trades by hurting villagers.. Noob Move!!

  • VR Addict Videos 1 week ago

    Bad luck about the zombie villager.. if you can cure them they give heavily discounted trades.

  • Neutral in the Tseries vs Pewdiepie battle 1 week ago

    Python is basically the God of death who hasn’t realised yet.

  • Bost2301 1 week ago

    Have you noticed you got worse trades because of punching a villiger out of his bed ?

  • gReEn sHaDoW 1 week ago

    Python,you can actually make a underwater observatory.

  • Marichu Labog 1 week ago

    Remember your sword you trowed in lava

  • Marichu Labog 1 week ago

    Remind about hermit craft

  • Pro Gamer 1 week ago

    Hey Python you can smelt kelp in the smoker because dried kelp is also a food and you need 9 dried kelp in order to craft one.

  • atharv agarwal 1 week ago

    you can replace the trapdoors above the enchanting tables with full blocks and then replace those full blocks with trapdoors again but with the trapdoors on the top half of the block.. this should help the problem

  • nour noor .mohammed 1 week ago

    how about removing the trapdoors and make the roof of room with glasse

  • Legend gets remembered 1 week ago

    Hello!! i want you to join the spawner with the island which will help you to go there quickly and at the source of bone and you will be able to force grow the crops love your seasons keep it going everyday

  • MADSTORM 1 week ago

    18:20 Minecraft chicken suicide season

  • James Flinders 1 week ago

    This has become my favourite Minecraft series now. It’s what I watch on my lunchbreak at work every day if it’s there :) keep up the cracking work Python

  • Wayne Chuah 1 week ago

    9:26 well, I couldn’t unsee it now

  • THEMASTER 21 1 week ago

    2:25 did you just spoil endgame just a little bit there?with a small word::::))))

  • Harry O connel 1 week ago

    0:02 *dude you copying grian intro*

  • Smianoadon 1 week ago

    Hey Python I just wanted to say your videos are the only ones I binge also I have a build idea for you maybe like a diving board or area to jump off to your house! Any ways love your vids don’t give up!

  • ɪᴍ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴡʜᴇʀᴇ 1 week ago

    Hey phyton, maybe in the future you could try and find a woodland mansion and transform it into Your Mansion from s1? It would be really cool to reminisce your old builds. Would love to see that in action!

  • Anene Hough 1 week ago

    Python please stop saying oh my god

  • Anene Hough 1 week ago

    Love your video

  • TheBookNerd12 1 week ago

    when are you going to do another skyblock episode

  • Anene Hough 1 week ago

    Python you should build a ask fishing farm

  • Mohit KM 1 week ago

    Can’t you just wake the villagers up
    by right click? You can do that on bedrock.

  • subir singha 1 week ago

    Do hermitcraft episode

  • Surekha Dhar 1 week ago

    There is one thing i hate the most in MC ……… gravel while mining

  • Kaleb Parolin 1 week ago

    I saw it right when the clip started

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