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Today we play Modded Minecraft HUNGER GAMES WITH


Minecraft video



  • Shorty Games 1 week ago

    Hope you have an AWESOME day!!
    - from a small girl gaming youtuber ✌

  • Blazer 6905 1 week ago

    it aint the og hg but it will do

  • Michael Monterosso 1 week ago


  • Molynexyz DoesThings 1 week ago

    80th comment

  • NINJA ASSASSIN 1 week ago

    Minecraft pubg

  • ArabsCamel 1 week ago

    Don’t let dasha ruin this mini game also please. Anything competetive, just keep her away.

  • Josh M 1 week ago

    Do more pix ark plz Jerome

  • Sid Axyll 1 week ago

    Jerome i miss this episode the modded hunger games is my favorite episode in your channel please keep doing modded hunger games

  • jsilveira 1991 1 week ago

    For bloody hells sake go watch his recent q and a around the 27 minute mark if you want to know wheres fear the crafting dead

  • Wolfie Gaming HD 1 week ago

    Jerome didn’t put on clothes when he could and didn’t put on backpacks when he could, *facepalms*

  • Ekow Mike 1 week ago


  • Bryce longmire 1 week ago

    Can you please do this again

  • no lolis no talk 1 week ago

    minecraft modded pubg?!

  • UGANDA DRAGON [69] 1 week ago

    Wheres the dondonater

  • Ethan playz 1 week ago

    #more hunger games

  • the pizza gamer 1 week ago

    Is it gust me or is the sound broken ?

  • Tyler Jardine 1 week ago

    Jerome logic.. im getring shot at, let me just stand still

  • david le 1 week ago

    Jerome do explosives only

  • Emily Rison 1 week ago

    Jerome if what you said is true that you don’t have a direction for crafting dead then you could have them get attacked by a bunch of zombies then in the woods they have no bullets except for there pistol and then a new member with a bunch of guns joins because he has guns they don’t kill him because he knows peaches ohouahan turns out he is peaches ohoualhan

  • Dvij kotadia 1 week ago

    ;( Jerome you let Ben and dr D die … you ended fear the crafting dead … mr ahoolaham took over the world

  • Mbit99Gaming 1 week ago

    PUBG in Minecraft?

  • Kobe Blundell 1 week ago

    I love this kind of hunger games can you do more

  • Jen Guido 1 week ago

    So many guns but not enough ammo…….

  • Normunds Priede 1 week ago

    More crafting dead

  • Miggy sonon Sonon 1 week ago

    Pls do more

  • Crystal Pederson 1 week ago

    Crafting dead plz

  • Carlo Sarmiento 1 week ago


  • Travis Belcher 1 week ago

    Is crafting dead gone bro

  • Anthony Hu 1 week ago

    i love this

  • Bradley Ricard 1 week ago

    Good job
    Sub to bradley Ricard

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