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Thanks to ReptileLegit for doing the vocals!


Minecraft video



  • grande1899 1 week ago

    Thanks to ReptileLegit for doing the vocals!
    Listen to Witch Savanna on Spotify:
    And on iTunes:
    Also please check it out on Pewdiepie reddit:
    And finally subscribe to Pewdiepie

  • Edmar Alo 1 week ago

    I felt really bad i still like poods

  • Hendre Mark 1 week ago

    T-Series has left the chat

  • Hello World 1 week ago

    My friends were singing this at school…

  • Bread With Toast 1 week ago

    The 9yr old army shall prevail.

  • lilzadboi '_' 1 week ago

    This cringe

  • Amani Aceves Gaming 1 week ago

    Did you just say FRICK in my Christian Minecraft server


    Earned a sub hahaha

  • Inv12 1 week ago

    Despacito 3 in a nutshell

  • Isis Potatos 1 week ago

    Top 10 most brutal diss tracks in 2018

  • NoProfessional 1 week ago


  • NoProfessional 1 week ago

    I hope pewdiepie will react to this

  • PenSpinBoi 1 week ago


  • why u do dis :0 1 week ago

    He says savanna so weird and also he puts the little * on frick…

  • Super Aleks 545 1 week ago

    *Better than original*

  • TCA IcedFish 1 week ago

    The outdated java part lmao

  • Jobro Telis 1 week ago

    I hate Minecraft

  • Razvan Omega Fan KD 1 week ago


  • Ehmm Fortnite 1 week ago

    Bigger downgrade than watch dogs….

  • One Spooky Boi 1 week ago

    *T Series as left the sever*

  • Vidus 1 week ago

    did u have permision to say frick?

  • Layzer 1 week ago

    Бля, это лучше оригинала

  • キリト 1 week ago

    this is epic

  • Test 1 week ago

    *_Who the fr*ck is Notch?_*

  • moms spaghetti 1 week ago

    Free repeat time stamps 0

  • Soryucchi 1 week ago

    Tseries dead now

  • OverlordT 1 week ago

    Top 10 Anime Songs That Are Better than Toto – africa

  • yeetriffic 1 week ago

    *_Top 10 Rappers that cant beat T series Diss Track_*

  • Shadpho 1 week ago

    His pronunciation of ‘savanna’ really bugs me as a British nationalist.

  • thot - 1 week ago


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