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here’s .. the mc… tea


Minecraft video



  • Caleb Carrot 3 months ago

    You should make a gaming channel.

  • Hazzy Sav 3 months ago

    I have literally no idea why but watching u play mine craft makes me so happy

  • Leano Feels 3 months ago

    yes yes yes yes please make more these are my favorite

  • Gertjan GJ 3 months ago

    EPIC gamer

  • chrissy h 3 months ago

    the creeper blowing up ryan was like a scene out of a horror movie omg I JUMPED

  • Cloud Vine 3 months ago

    I understand that everyone deserves a second chance, but outside of social media, people are fired for doing these things and then they aren’t allowed to have certain jobs. This is life.

  • alexmira 101 3 months ago

    collab with dannyyyy

  • Molly Scott 3 months ago

    The ghosts of James Charles lost subs came to haunt you

  • allie stolte 3 months ago

    please keep playing minecraft it’s so relaxing

  • Oh No 3 months ago

    Ryan: oooh a cave

  • fatima saad 3 months ago

    I’m a late potaetoe ;-;

  • vato jioshvili 3 months ago

    dude love your vids ❤️
    pls make more streaming videod

  • Egg Boy 3 months ago

    YO ryan man can you drop the seed?

  • ItzAzalia 3 months ago

    Ryan: *touched water*
    Oh geez, I’m drowning

  • Ryguy 2764 3 months ago

    1:18:46 is where I’m leaving this off rn future me.

    This is just a reminder for me. If you can like so I can see it thank you

  • Ski Mask The Slump God 3 months ago

    Ryan you should make this a gaming channel and make a separate channel called Ryan Trahan games and use it as a vlogging channel

  • Aiko Keilana 3 months ago

    omg we have the same birthday :’) october 7

  • Emma Lucile 3 months ago

    im an idiot because when he read the milk question i literally thought like 1% or 2% or like white or chocolate

  • Levente Tallósi 3 months ago

    Holy freak that creeper scared the crap out of me

  • Chloe K 3 months ago

    no one:

    no one ever:

    literally not a single soul:

    ryan: oH hAi! O! ThIs iS sO fUn

  • Aliya Mae 3 months ago

    Tbh I love that you’re streaming Minecraft. Funny to see someone trying to play that hasn’t in forever, it’s always cute to see people experience it all over again.

  • Selamawit Tkabo 3 months ago


  • asher , 3 months ago


  • Taylor Vlogs 3 months ago

    Yo when the creeper said:

  • Sinead M 3 months ago

    Oh my god Ryan you so defo do a Minecraft livestream as a partnership with Fossil and you can watch your heart rate rise

  • Xvino 3 months ago


  • Paris.Etherington 3 months ago

    Is it just me that was screaming ‘GO IN THE BOATTTTTTTTTT ITS NOT EVEN DANGEROUS

  • foiture 3 months ago

    play with yerrow or haley next!!

  • Crew Branch 3 months ago

    i love these videos so much. My dream is to one day play Minecraft with you!!

  • Crew Branch 3 months ago

    imagine we are killing our rainforests just bc ryan forgot his crafting table

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