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Minecraft video

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  • TheBrignad 5 years ago

    Actually, Pidove evolves into a powerful Staraptor.

    (To anyone who actually got that, you’re my favorites)?

  • DwarfieGames 5 years ago

    I like nate and dookie but da fuck what hapend to majoras mask and
    tomodachie life bring it back u dident even finish it im really mad plz
    bring it back and also haters who comment on this comment i posed go fuck
    your self this is my opinion so shut up ?

  • Acheronta Crysis 5 years ago


  • Noah Gnacek 5 years ago


  • AntMedin 5 years ago

    Welp, looks like Nate’s gonna be using Zoroark…again…like every other

  • LegioXDivum 5 years ago

    Aren’t their guys in these games who can change natures, I seem to recall
    that when I played it?

  • Jake The Zoroark 5 years ago

    Anyone know what Tapion is a reference to? Because I have no idea.?

  • Indolent Emover 5 years ago

    Why did you not catch a murkrow and name it Obey?
    I’ll ask evry episode till you do.?

  • Belac YoCcm 5 years ago

    I kinda love how slowly you guys are progressing. I don’t know why, but I
    find it hilarious that there hasn’t been any plot for like 7 episodes.?

  • Chris Sindall 5 years ago

    Damn it Dookie, don’t you know Pidove evolves into a Powerful Staraptor!?

  • Crobat394 5 years ago

    Stating things multiple times makes you right!?

  • Blackrock090MC 5 years ago

    fuck yeah 10th comment xD?

  • tyleric71 5 years ago

    how come u dont play minecraft no more?

  • MoTrato 5 years ago

    Nate, you should’ve named the Exeggcute “Dangly Parts”.?

  • Quetzel11 5 years ago


  • MABSGaming 5 years ago

    guys, you know how you don’t like having HMs on your team, well if you go
    back to the cave where you fought the unown and use strength on the
    boulders in there, you will get an IV stone and a dolly, which can be used
    to move boulders. this means that you don’t need to keep strength on your
    teams later! :D i imagine there will be items like this later-on as well,
    so explore EVERYTHING!?

  • eugenideddis 5 years ago

    The fourth safari zone has dragon types in it. I don’t remember what the
    other ones have though?

  • Acrab 5 years ago

    DBZ Abridged Piccolo voice: GRIND!!?

  • Pim Holierhoek 5 years ago

    First(no one cares)?

  • Cassie 5 years ago

    I love Nate and Dookie. *makes 1,300,547 episodes* *progresses exactly one
    route* ?