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SCP: Lockdown is a Minecraft Mod that adds


Minecraft video



  • Aryan Bhayare 1 week ago

    Which is the strongest scp

  • VlakiX Player 1 week ago

    How to fix stairs lag??

  • Malachi Peters 1 week ago

    scp 106 song

  • Natquik 1 week ago


  • weirdonesout hoi 1 week ago

    The swamp woman = feona from shrek

  • bowser the kingdom koopa 1 week ago

    Please do scp 040,scp 134,scp 191,scp 999,scp 2295,scp 105,scp 2506,scp 2599,scp 2019,scp 1926,scp 085 please

  • The Ghost Dragons - RB 1 week ago


  • Nathan Weatherly 1 week ago


  • King Vegeta 1 week ago

    Yo my man hey I have been here since 200k so I’m a old timer lol

  • Boo Boo 1 week ago

    I was watching you two years ago what happened to Aunt play with Aunt

  • Ducky Dacker 1 week ago

    I love it so much and i want moooorrrreeed :)

  • Theclassy mudkip 1 week ago

    So the electric sheep are basically mareep

  • Black Out 1 week ago

    I had done the math the research and the results are……(drum roll)

    The electric sheep is a pokemon

  • Julek G 1 week ago

    Can you make a video on how to get the SCP Lockdown mod?

  • Yokoto12343 1 week ago

    The Dislikes are the D Class

  • Igame 1 week ago

    i love this series too much

  • Alex Christopher Chan III 1 week ago

    Can you do a video tutorial on how to install the scp mod? It won’t work for some reason

  • Error Sans 1 week ago

    scp-594 = mareep from pokemon

  • Richard Ong 1 week ago

    You got promoted to site director??? impressive, hope you become a member of the O-5 council.

  • Knight Wittmann 1 week ago

    Make more Minecraft SCP video.

  • ThePonyDalek 1 week ago

    Yes! We have the living room, all we need now is 682 and 079 and this mod will be perfect.

  • FAT Chris 1 week ago

    We can hear it

  • Toby Harris 1 week ago

    12:19 show this one to 173 since it can’t blink

  • Alice Gresham 1 week ago

    The sheep are like mareep Pokemon
    (A mareep is an electric type Pokemon)

  • Renz Rapahel Gullo 1 week ago

    Nc update of scp mod..but still no MTF, Scientist, and Ninetale Fox mobs mmmm

  • Sir Memes a Lot 1 week ago

    Wait but what about the gas mask and blue key?

  • SupBro •-• 1 week ago

    AddSCP-001 Gatekeeper pls

  • Lee Zhang Eriksson 1 week ago

    I like the videos but I want to see the parts before you became classed as a SCP so could you do that, please?

  • Emerald Gaming 1 week ago

    did you guys know that you can kill peanut!! with a pickaxe

  • Tim Gerlach 1 week ago

    Hey Dan how do I install .jar add-ons

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