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Today i’m playing Hardcore Hermits, the BRAND


Minecraft video



  • Barend Nieuwoudt 10 months ago

    Hardcore Hermits is my favourite Minecraft series on you tube currently

  • TheMobileGam3r 10 months ago

    Yay another hardcore hermits video

  • Rendel Parales 10 months ago

    Season 2 is pretty quick

  • Divanan Michael 10 months ago

    There is a village at -380 -215

  • Brittany Walker 10 months ago

    I love this series, but I find it hard to watch because Xisuma refuses to listen to you False!!!!

  • Iam IronMan 10 months ago

    Ha all I could hear was the Jaws music when false was swimming under the skeleton. 15:13

  • Poop Me 10 months ago


  • Courtney Goacher 10 months ago

    Would the totom of undying count? Cause that is very hard!!!!

  • madchad35 10 months ago

    These videos are lovely

  • Toysoldier49 10 months ago

    False is like I’m a bad azz and don’t need no bed.

  • tubeler 10 months ago


  • Robstar 10 months ago

    I want to play this challenge myself with some friends! Looks like fun!

  • Daniel Karbach 10 months ago

    Lady Dye it is

  • Blether Blabla 10 months ago

    Fantastic contribution to the item count false! Really enjoying your videos and LOVE this series!

  • Carlos 10 months ago

    You’re insane. How do you remember the recipe’s to all these things. Mind blown.

  • Vivid Queen

  • Flynn Tardif 10 months ago

    Who thinks there should be PIRANHAS in marshes with the new up date

    Like if you agree

  • John G. Swope 10 months ago

    False, you can use lava buckets in a furnace array — the empty buckets end up in the output chest with the glass or whatever. (in reference to something you said in stream today) Love the series!

  • knus1959 10 months ago

    Hi False :) Remember the dyed leather armor too….. i saw you through a cow leather away in the start of this ep. :(

  • Raspberry Gamer 10 months ago


  • Tallslo Guy 10 months ago

    Noticed there were 3 anvils in the list. Guess based on damage. Might try for the different types and strengths of potions. And could find a messa for teracata stuff. This is a good challenge. So many different ways to go.

  • Matt Lawliet 10 months ago

    Time to change the team’s name to Turtle Iron and Lady Dye’s team.

    Better…the Coloured Iron Turtle…team…

  • Kedama FOE 10 months ago

    wait isnt your hero name witherbane, the hero for hire

  • Brian Trephan 10 months ago

    Team Iron Rainbow Turtle

  • kejoki 10 months ago

    Whamo! Now all you need are water bottles, netherwort, dipped arrows, obsidian, gold blocks, dragon’s breath, red mushrooms, rabbit stew, baked potatoes, beet root, umpty different terracotta blocks and corals and colored wool and …

    and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

    (Ok, it’s high summer–but high summer in the southern US will definitely make you wish it was Christmas.)

  • Jose S. 10 months ago

    I love how you go into beast-mode when playing hardcore hermits lol!!! Its like traveling at lightspeed, how do you move so fast?

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