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Minecraft evolution or evo is back! an smp


Minecraft video



  • Ninja185 9 months ago

    Do you want to do a swap episode with mumbo so u can play on hermitcraft and mumbo play on the evo server for a day?

  • Arvid Klungland 9 months ago

    Timelapse. Q&A. How old are you?

  • Lily Walker 9 months ago

    Q and A- What part of England do you live in?

  • WhenPigsFly 9 months ago

    would you consider doing a team-up with mumbo for hermitcraft season 6, so mumbo does the redstone, and you do the nice building (record a few episodes together etc like martyn and solidarity)?

  • KrapeeDoodles 9 months ago


    Grian: You know what..
    Me: *sees sword*
    Grian: *puts glass box around them*

  • Pin Valentine 9 months ago

    A terriformimg video would be nice.

  • Uzi Q.R.7. 9 months ago

    #q’n'a can you get on the hermitcraft server for like a tour with mumbo

  • poster boy 9 months ago

    What is a watcher

  • Bethany Thomas 9 months ago

    do you believe in the watchers or are you making it up I’m going to guise its real because a you tuber called ,danTDM, has seen watchers twice once in a thing called diamond diamansins and Minecraft misadventure’s he also saw the watchers are archly the watcher its a skeleton that spawns in snow biomes but its magic

  • Loudcookie 253 9 months ago

    Live steam QnA

  • Joel's Mind Craft 9 months ago

    Taurtis is trying to get you in trouble.

  • Amelia Porche 9 months ago


  • Nikoli Tavoc 9 months ago

    Q&A are you ever going to do the build your comments again?

  • Alfredrick Kong Hun 9 months ago

    The Grian Embassy.

  • The Gaming Dragon 9 months ago

    Q&A So what’s this with your house blowing up?

  • Kkdinogirl.Harris presents 9 months ago

    Shhh don’t tell him it was BigB lol

  • Kkdinogirl.Harris presents 9 months ago


  • My Dog is Sour 9 months ago

    Q&A If you had a chance to do ANYTHING on the EVO Server, what would be the first thing you’ll do?

  • Otis JB 9 months ago

    Q&A time lapse please… Question: Did you create the create the server and how did the watchers get involved? How do they have the time to watch everyone’s videos?

  • RetroReborn_OfficialChannel 9 months ago

    it was bigb and tomohawk with the egg. don’t know if they did the “watcher impersonation” or not tho

  • William Norris 9 months ago

    Grian, I’m sorry to say, but a believe that that big “Atlantis” like base you have working on for ages has been blown up…

  • Malcolm Thomlinson 9 months ago

    I like the egg

  • Minecraft Manic 9 months ago

    Q&A: is Build Swap coming back?

  • Cheese Cake 9 months ago

    What was that cut at 16:23?

  • Rachel Butcher 9 months ago

    QnA: You mentioned getting Mumbo a visit on the Evo server. When is that going to happen?

  • Probably Mumbo Jumbo

  • SUPERSWARNIM 9 months ago

    Timelapse please

  • SUPERSWARNIM 9 months ago

    BTW is grian empire going to involve with mafia and police drama? And why don’t you get more involved in the evo town

  • Poke Beats 9 months ago

    So if someone messes with your base you’ll clean it up CHALLENGE EXCEPTED *places 100000000000 blocks of obsidian* hahahahahaha

  • The Blazing Cycloneaxe 9 months ago

    Definitely a prank

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