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We return to the orphanage seed in minecraft…


Minecraft video



  • Dark Corners 1 year ago

    Two questions: What do you think i’ll find under the village & Which games do you want to see me play?
    Instagram: (GIVEAWAYS)
    Snapchat: dcmarouan

  • WELOVEGAMINGTV 1 year ago

    I Love Ur Vids best YTer i wann’s der Ur PVP Skills in Minecraft Server

  • Flying Beasts 1 year ago

    No dont do any shrine because the shrines gives power to the monsters what lives on that world. So dont do it

  • boom boom 1 year ago

    Can you find Entity 303

  • boom boom 1 year ago

    I like your video’s most the time I wach you through the window

  • boom boom 1 year ago

    A chicken died on 9.22

  • Nubaha kawsar Raisa 1 year ago

    hero brine shine

  • Nubaha kawsar Raisa 1 year ago

    hero brine shine aww

  • Vineeth bharadwaj 1 year ago

    In the video, at around 2 minutes 40 seconds, the egg near the chicken disappears…

  • dlabi _ 1 year ago

    Beatiful you videos!

  • kiyanoush pinjar 1 year ago

    gta 5

  • nick playz 1 year ago

    Play destiny and your gonna find a rake and I watched the video where you found a rake

  • Gold The Cat 1 year ago

    I think these arent real, thats why I have to see it for myself, I ended up finding a herobrine in one of these seeds, I never left a game so fast in my life D:

  • roninjim79 1 year ago

    Play CSGO

  • Mathie YT 1 year ago

    Dark yur always forgetting too cook yur food

  • Sherry Nelson 1 year ago

    Hero brine shrine

  • The Fire Beast 1 year ago

    Call of duty black ops 3

  • Professional Savage117 1 year ago

    For a split second, i thought that creeper in the cave where we heard that strange sound, i thought it was Green Steve

  • Professional Savage117 1 year ago

    I don’t know why

  • Jacqueline Zamora 1 year ago

    Your the best dark corners you amaze ma that’s why your the best!❤️️❤️️❤️️

  • Robloxmaster 84 1 year ago

    I watch your vid and you sometimes never find something and it’s gets boring so that’s what I don’t watch your vids

  • Morse Fam 1 year ago


  • Sarah Clements 1 year ago

    do dinosaur sim (its on tablet)

  • this nigga 1 year ago

    dark ive been subed for a long time but id wish u can stop cutting your videos during good parts bc then i think they are fake

  • Roisin McCluskey 1 year ago

    Today I’m Annie in the school play… and the school bathroom I’m changing in has some spooky ghost stories… explore abandoned places.

  • Krystal Thompson 1 year ago


  • Krystal Thompson 1 year ago

    play more GTA 5

  • woohoo811 1 year ago

    I will like of you to play need for speed. pls

  • terrancr deel 1 year ago

    man i dont all de gmes are so awsome

  • Ery Berry 1 year ago

    Roses are red
    Violates are blue
    I love Dark Corners
    Do you love him too?
    Plz love my comment Dark.

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