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Minecraft Survival LP – Hunting for spawners for


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  • Vonnie Varela 8 months ago

    When you build your main base are you gonna add a under ground tunnel system to flora valley.

  • Gt Gang 8 months ago

    I started episode 1 on Sunday (yesterday) and I’m here now :) also includes school

  • bill nagy 8 months ago

    Love the video keep up the good work

  • bill nagy 8 months ago

    Can you come play with me on my world I am in crative mode so come play with my on my world or I can play on your world and that will steal be okay with me

  • Hanah K 8 months ago

    Ever think about doing a death memorial type thing? A graveyard somewhere in your world where you can remember your deaths, it’s still fairly early I only remember one of you deaths off the top of my head (The Dragon fight). Be an excuse for a decorative build later too.

  • The Gaming Starfish 8 months ago


  • Connor GamerTel 8 months ago

    To be honost I think you should make a potion farm

  • krankyanker1 8 months ago

    python what you could do is make a small minecart afk type circle that goes around activating both spawners as it gets into range then have a system carry the mobs away to a kill combined kill zone

  • Jayden Legault 8 months ago

    Minecraft is complete shit

  • ch chg oq 8 months ago


  • NerdyObama/minecraft SUB OR KILLED BY GRANNY 8 months ago

    I start my minecraft survival world on 2015 and today I still played my survival WORLD!

  • XxsecretxX 8 months ago

    Phyton build a statue of yourself with the ender egg on your hand on your courtyard..

  • Nathan Lee 8 months ago

    I started this serious on saturday and i caught up

  • Nathan Lee 8 months ago

    For the monument, you.should build a staue of yourself.

  • ItzLewis 8 months ago

    Hey Python, Just a thought could you use a piston to move the spawners closer together. P.s. Love the series

  • sans brown 8 months ago

    Python i love your village.I’mwating for you to make a new video

  • Francesco Mejia 8 months ago

    You should make a kitchen or a bathroom. Maybe even both. I love your vids Python!

  • Marko Nasto 8 months ago

    Love the vids bro but I think you could make some sort of a dome it will look really cool cuz of all the trees and flowers nice work BTW keep it up!

  • Tornado_222 8 months ago

    Python a good idea for when you finish your 2 or 3 floors is to put a glass dome over the court yard

  • XTREME GAMING 8 months ago

    Python, why didn’t you do
    The outline in dirt? It’s easier to get rid of and easier to get!!

  • FireGaming Playz 8 months ago

    Wt a sec can a spawner be moved by pistom

  • FireGaming Playz 8 months ago

    Try counting on how many times python said bits and bobs

  • FireGaming Playz 8 months ago

    Please make a statue in the middle of the courtyard holding a dragon egg

  • Rory Kelly Denman 8 months ago

    Thanks for bringing back Minecraft, I was getting tired of terraria

  • Kinh Soeung 8 months ago

    Python are you going I build your grand underground base in the series

  • Lost Wisdom 8 months ago

    Build a huge custom tree at 0 0

  • BlazingHydro YT 8 months ago

    The sead is Not Working In Android

  • Jäcob 8 months ago

    Awesome Base

  • Lucivania Lima Dos Santos Galvao 8 months ago


  • Miguel Chavez 8 months ago


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