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In today’s build


Minecraft video



  • Owen Galucho 1 week ago

    Alex you should of done sub showing his face but not doing his actual face just the Minecraft face of sub
    Edit: Nvm you did it

  • Suzanne Veit 1 week ago

    My worst fear is that, people everyday are suffering from huger, thirst, disease, being homeless,… and just the suffering. so I hope, that one day, there will be a solution to all the suffering.

  • Daphene Haqq 1 week ago

    The pals

  • Daphene Haqq 1 week ago
  • j reggi 1 week ago


  • j reggi 1 week ago


  • Tanya Sabio 1 week ago

    sketches is the best

  • Jia Le 1 week ago

    Anyone noticed there is undertale music at 4:41

  • Jia Le 1 week ago

    Why are there so many undertale music do the pals love undertale this much?!

  • Emiliemeloney Palsfanfam 1 week ago

    Corl:I think sub has a crush on sketch
    *Anxiety rush omg over me*
    Sketch: no
    Me: thank gosh I thought I was going to lose him!!

  • Nikolai Dacapias 1 week ago

    2018/2019 Minecraft YouTubers everybody! Let’s give them a round of applause!!!

  • Lynsey Keep 1 week ago

    Did anyone els think scetch was putting animals on tne nuse putting them to death

  • Ben Leong 1 week ago


  • Ben Leong 1 week ago


  • Ben Leong 1 week ago


  • Ben Leong 1 week ago


  • AUSIEMARIZ COUPER 1 week ago

    Its good you are playing on minecraft then roblox

    I liked my own thing

  • Jelian Gundie 1 week ago

    Wow denis build a Kraken

  • fallon jessop 1 week ago

    Aye what a minute why is there only 638 comments well make that 639 lol

  • Eli’s Productions 1 week ago

    Yea boyyyyu

  • Simone Nicolasora 1 week ago

    Animal abuse 0 – 10

  • Jvee Estacio 1 week ago

    Undertale background music

  • Coco Stevens 1 week ago

    Hey my name is romeo

  • I’m not a fan I’m a air conditioner

  • Brady Warner 1 week ago

    Min worst is ummmm idk lol

  • Robin Vellinga 1 week ago


  • Dr. Fox Effect 1 week ago

    Grinch and Slenderman and Herobrione

  • Katiethepotato Yoshihata 6 days ago

    My worst fear is spiders

  • A- Alex 6 days ago

    my worst feer IS zombie.

  • Hello there 6 days ago

    *When you realize the backround music is from Undertale*

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