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Minecraft video



  • JgarGaming YT 1 year ago

    Roses are red,
    BeckBroJack’s Stomach is blue,
    Bessie is awesome,
    And you are too!

    If BeckBroJack replies that will make my day!

  • Maggie Wolfenden 1 year ago

    U copied Exxotic gaming’s intro

  • Johnathan Joseph 1 year ago

    the sword

  • Cooper Grierson 1 year ago

    The queen has a ability that auto kills you. And it does not matter what armor (maybe idk maybe ore spawn has something) you have, it will kill you.

  • Chase Couchman 1 year ago


  • omegaplays 1 year ago

    Any1 else saw that the sword was called “THE SWORD OF COSMOS” not chaos.

  • 15 BLOCK 1 year ago

    long boe

  • rose clifton 1 year ago

    That shit

  • Chase Couchman 1 year ago

    fight the mobs

  • Going Commando 96 1 year ago

    still f##king clickbait

  • Solan Hahn 1 year ago

    i sus

  • Lindsay Dyches 1 year ago

    what kind of mod is BeckBroJack useing

  • Michael Mccleary 1 year ago


  • Kyra 1 year ago

    The biggest clickbait video

  • That Nigga who stole your dimonds 1 year ago

    Clickbait :angry:

    Is Terible XD

  • ELISEIHAHA LØØØL 1 year ago

    infinity is not a number

  • Ahmed Hussein 1 year ago


  • BLOCK 4 1 year ago

    Sword of chaos?

  • Aleksander Bergheim 1 year ago


  • Michalis&Christoforos Ch. 1 year ago

    îf slap the like buton il be broke

  • Mathias Klug 1 year ago

    this mod have a support for lots of mods(TiC, TE, Pam´s harvestcraft…) and if you install this mods this things is more expensive.

  • nikolas xaliotis 1 year ago

    the most op mod ever

  • Seth Beerle 1 year ago

    His lips are rose red

  • Trenton Barton 1 year ago

    Cosmo sord

  • Benjamin Dye 1 year ago

    sword of chaos

  • Jaidan Adams 1 year ago


  • Mathias Klug 1 year ago

    11:21 why you doing this? why you simply not fly?

  • Mathias Klug 1 year ago

    if you using shaders, why you disable animations?

  • Benjamin Wolfe 1 year ago

    It’s called sword of cosmos not chaos duh

  • Mathias Klug 1 year ago

    why you only jumping?! boss fly, why not fly you?

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