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This video show why you should NEVER play


Minecraft video



  • Dark Corners 9 months ago

    What’s the scariest thing that happened to you in Minecraft?
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  • Jayden Fish 9 months ago

    @darkcorners what happened to the video

  • Clark Playz 9 months ago

    Once i was playing minecraft and i builed a mansion. Then after i heared some footsteps running and i heared a zombie but there is no zombie in my mansion.

  • golden bro 9 months ago

    Hey dark meet entarex he isnt englesh youtuber,hoever he is the same as you now he use to upload minecraft mod,seed showcases he use to played mc survival but now he does exacly as you do lies about something spooky in minecraft(he usualy lies about jeff the killer the most) anyway meet your brother by lies

  • lol cs 9 months ago


  • Bill Cipher 9 months ago

    I Really Like Your Scary Minecraft Videos! :3

  • Aquaz RT 9 months ago

    Dark corners keep up the good work dude if i get home from school i always hope theres a new vid and then there is and that makes my day

  • DN Gaming 9 months ago

    Why do you clickbait kids on this fake minecraft stuff?? You are making them quit!!

  • Luca Corticelli 9 months ago

    love it at the beaging

  • RedWolfGirl YT 9 months ago

    I love ur video’s and i love scary stuff

  • Nef Nef 9 months ago

    I dont care if its real or not but *DO NOT* whatch this at night…

    Now if u like horror movies this is *PERFECT*

  • panda k 9 months ago

    I never saw u before but as soon as I heard your voice I knew that you were awsome

  • Diamond Blast 9 months ago


  • Isaac Edwards 9 months ago

    Cool vid dark

  • redruler77 9 months ago

    omg this is the worst video ive ever seen why the hell am i subscribed

  • HackerJam MC 9 months ago

    Scary, Jeff is my freind

  • MIGZ ANDAMON 9 months ago

    Dark corners can you find “Lick” for the next video because i like your channel and every i watching your video im scared and you you are not scared hahahahahah. #just find (Lick)

  • Russia T 9 months ago

    0:00-11:03 Was pretty awesome

  • zacckingmine reggiebro McBride 9 months ago

    He’s using mods

  • zacckingmine reggiebro McBride 9 months ago

    Did anyone noticed that he’s in creative?

  • zacckingmine reggiebro McBride 9 months ago

    He’s using mods dum dum how he got a camp in slender and a couch in the house

  • zacckingmine reggiebro McBride 9 months ago

    He’s probably using command blocks sound or editing

  • Cloudzz God 9 months ago

    This is all fake lol the first was on a flat world and the next he was in creative and should of seen the red stone torches lol

  • Hengky You 9 months ago

    hey dark corner on the 5th video i hear that sound too in minecraft pe i swear i heard that too

  • oscar36 9 months ago

    suscribe to me pls

  • Evalyn Sandoval 9 months ago

    This made me jump seven times


  • Anastasia P 9 months ago

    OH MY!!

  • Danielcovey Vevo 9 months ago

    Fake guys

  • Muhammad Danish Asyraaf 9 months ago

    Man that was scary

  • XD ToxicGamerPlayz 9 months ago


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