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Minecraft Survival LP – Finally working on the


Minecraft video



  • Dracathio 9 months ago

    oh by the way Python Ant Venom just released this. So for those who still ask the question is minecraft dying… it’s far from it . Just because Adam quit and just because SSundee is away {and most likely will never come back} doesn’t mean Minecraft is dead. Like I said this community is strong, and it gains more and more people every single month.

  • Captain Crusher 9 months ago

    Happy Easter Python, hope your having a wonderful time with your family, you deserve that time, so, take as much time as you need off from youtube, your doing great

  • JennzOrs 9 months ago

    I’m so glad you read my comment. I really do love watching your videos so thank you for making my life and I’m sure many others more enjoyable. Happy Easter!

  • Owls Game 9 months ago

    common question, will you kill the ender dragon or wither first, when will you kill it?

  • Ronaldo Dimaano 9 months ago

    Python, will you ever do a livestream episode in this series?

  • Theophilus Renton 9 months ago

    Loving the Pillars! The flowerpots really make a difference to a build. Building is not my strong point, but I went mining clay the other day to decorate a nanofarm building (inspired by your setup) with flowerpots on my daughter’s base on our joint world. A very pleasing result. Watching your series has reinvigorated my Minecraft experience – thank you!

  • Pikesh Saini 9 months ago

    Your voice and builds are amazing!! Good series bro!!

  • Laimis Skorodumovas 9 months ago

    Try to change wooden pressure plate to item frame and put in some kind of wool or just glowstone. Its should look better…. .

  • 2Arcticwolves 9 months ago

    Turned out really good. :)

  • nerd 15 9 months ago

    Hey python have you ever consider to use butter tool/gear to lock better enchantments

  • Miningmama 9 months ago

    Out of nowhere comes a town of somewhere to just hang out and enjoy how it is coming together .The town of together.

  • Cade Engbrecht 9 months ago

    He should really get rid of some flowers. They look kind of bad. I don’t want to be rude.

  • Tyler Sherwood 9 months ago

    Will you ever build a guardian farm for your enchanting and prismarine needs? Welsknight did one in Kingdoms 2 and it is super op.

  • Rose Gold 9 months ago

    You can place stone buttons on the floor as pebbles

  • 12th Man 9 months ago

    You should mAke a shrine

  • BillBoaBattax 9 months ago

    Python p[lz change the game title from terraria to Minecraft. Thanks dude!

  • Shadow Blaster9 9 months ago

    Python, you are the greatest survival Minecraft builder that I have ever watched, your videos are extremely inspirational

  • Whe Lan 9 months ago

    Ware is hermit recap?

  • 大 <- The gate

  • TheSupaChest / SupaChestKid 9 months ago

    hermitcraft recap???

  • junyan Li 9 months ago

    Where’s my RECAP

  • Daniel Pereira 9 months ago

    Im here, were is my recap

  • احمد مصطفى 9 months ago

    Hello Python , I’m from Egypt yes I’m an Egyptian man and I watch you even if my English isn’t that good but I really love you man and keep up the good working and I have a question for you , Will you do some big rooms for really awesome fish Aquarium and lure down some fish from variant kinds of them ? that would be very very nice !

  • KITTEN LOVER101 9 months ago

    Hey python! Are you going to be adding any tree houses or tree villages?? I think that would be an amazing touch to your “village”

  • Lil_Sleepy 9 months ago


  • AJ PLACENCIA 9 months ago

    You deserve this subscription… you are entertaining and you are a great builder

    Can you do some episodes mining and not on the village

  • Doppe1ganger 9 months ago

    I honestly think you should have the stripped logs in the center and the planks on the sides. It makes more sense that where you walk most it looks worn and I think it just looks better.

  • Roger Parrish 9 months ago

    You should make drop off stations when you go to the ocean

  • Please can you do something that adds a incentive to watch [ even more and it would be fun ] by making it so every 25 [ or so ] episodes you add a punctuation mark to it. Or you could take on peoples challenges. If you will accept challenges, then build a mob farm and allow the mobs to roam the base! Doacrinciatikanatiolanitiation. ye I have no idea wat dat wuz

  • Vedran Nedelkovski 9 months ago

    make a bridge going to the entrance to your village

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