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It’s time to suit up and fight crime! This


Minecraft video



  • David Bull 10 months ago

    I love the pack The Incredibles is my favorite movie so I think I might use this pack a lot more than others

  • Hayden12thekid 10 months ago

    Make the rick and morty skin pack please?

  • sulinitos al poder mi little pony 10 months ago

    Baby kawaii

  • Scarlet Witch FTW 10 months ago

    This skin pack is amazing and all, but Elastigirl’s gray suit from the second movie is missing. I was hoping that skin would be in this pack. :(

  • Vampire fnaf 10 months ago

    Mojang for the next please add more colorful wood to vanilla Minecraft thank you.

  • Rebecca Clark 10 months ago

    I love it i can’t wait to get it.

  • The Dino Brotherz 10 months ago

    Awesome! Great skin pack!

  • MegaRayquaza319 10 months ago

    i was so surprised by the sudden minecraft update on my PS4

  • Chonex22 PlaysYT 10 months ago


  • EnderWin Lifestyle and Music 10 months ago

    What an Incredible skin pack!

  • MegaRay 10 months ago

    Maybe you should add a superpower mod to go with this!!

  • Morty Smith 10 months ago

    (Oh, here it is)

  • Morty Smith 10 months ago

    I found Frozone’s super suit!

  • Sebastian Godoy Cañizares 10 months ago

    Nou cap

  • The 6 peeps 10 months ago

    What’s The Problem With It Only Shows The Head In PE Pls Fix It

  • Emu Emu 10 months ago


  • rehan rizki 10 months ago

    i am owned the skin incerdible

  • Carlos Craft 10 months ago

    Love it ☺

  • A Litten Pokemon FAN 10 months ago

    :) this trailer came out fantastic i love it :3

  • Caio Saturnino 10 months ago

    Vai ter atualização aqutica no xbox 360

  • Genasamgal 224 10 months ago

    can you make a skin pack from the movie avengers infinity war?

  • Norman Briz 10 months ago

    as un pack de infinity war

  • Vivian Munroe 10 months ago

    I want a herobrine survival mode. This is how it would go. As soon as you start the world you get a bonus chest instantly and the game tells you, that you have 3 ingame days to make a house and prepare to fend off herobrine. You would play this like a normal minecraft game except twice as many enemies spawn and herobrine attacks you every night, and if a solar eclipse happens you have to stay alive the whole day. You have a whole month to survive. Every 5 days herobrine would get more and more aggressive at attacking. Going to the end and killing the ender dragon will make herobrine more aggressive but will give you an extra 5 hearts. At the end of the 30 days you will be instantly teleported to a mineshaft with a minecart however the area where it is is blocked off to open it you have to kill herobrine and get the lever (If you try to get here with a button, lever , pressure plate, etc. Those items will be taken away and if your wondering why do I have to do this if I can kill him before this is because when you try to kill him before this he will instantly teleport away at his last heart) after you kill him and get the lever and open the area with minecart and get on it the camera zooms out as your character rides away through the caves and out of that place and ends up in a village somewhere else) p.s if you die on this mode you can’t respawn and you will have to create a new world and after you kill herobrine Nightmare mode is an option where you have one day to prepare and herobrine gets more aggressive every night and solar eclipse’s happen every 5 days.

  • Josh Herbert 10 months ago


  • XianneTheAllstar 10 months ago

    Add A Wither Skeleton without A Party Hat And Add Party Alex From Minecraft: PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Xbox 360 & Nintendo Switch You Know Steve And Alex But Really Do It Or Tell Notch Two

  • ッBONNIE 10 months ago

    Ко је из Србије?

  • An acoustic child 10 months ago


  • WibFlip0102 10 months ago

    *Honey, WHERE’S MY SUPA SUIT??*

  • Bendy cool bro Ink demon 10 months ago

    Am buying Minecraft

  • Keith Brown 10 months ago

    Add snakes to minecraft

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