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UPDATE: I fucked up the editing, and the show ends at 37:03 and the is nothing. I would have re-edited everything, however like a dumbass I deleted the audio file after uploading — so I’m…


Minecraft video

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  • Monsterspace123 5 years ago

    I think those who make it about misogyny or ask do you believe in women’s
    rights don’t see what it is about. It would be like telling somebody your
    favorite car and then a person asks you do you support racism. That had
    nothing to do with what you said about the car. Racism was just something
    to change subject.?

  • pokesonic3 5 years ago

    Soooo… About that game Hatred…. Fuck man, just… Fuck.?

  • gentle men 5 years ago

    We are going to have sex?…… ok let’s go!?

  • Keirnoth 5 years ago

    MINCRAFT movie!?

  • Billy Magada 5 years ago

    *cough* moviebobjimsterling *cough*?

  • SuperLlama42 5 years ago

    “There’s no story in Minecraft”

    Didn’t stop Hollywood from thinking Battleship and Tetris movies were a
    great idea.?

  • ClockCutter 5 years ago

    Matt hit 35k! Yeaaa!?

  • Sergio Cazares 5 years ago

    I’m sorry, but why are we giving Eron credence in all of this? He was (and
    still is) a jaded ex-boyfriend who couldn’t keep his mouth shut about his
    own internal affairs (so to speak); he also said he’d do it again. Why?
    Yes, Zoe did cheat, but so what? Yes, he inadvertently sparked the
    #GamerGate movement, but that doesn’t mean we have to worship the ground he
    walks on.

    And no, I’m not saying this to defend Zoe Quinn, but if you really believed
    Eron did the right thing by “exposing” her, then I don’t know what else to
    tell you. ?

  • Affable Vagrant 5 years ago

    Matt, thanks for putting those timestamps in the description, it’s really

  • Alejandro Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Thunderf00t just debunked Anita s “harrasment”, check it out?

  • The Vicatorian 5 years ago

    The amount of bad and ignorant press #GamerGate is getting from the media
    is absolutely astounding.?

  • FoxeoGames 5 years ago

    Remember, #GamerGate is a threat to the established media, and so it’s no
    surprise the established media would run a dishonest smear campaign against
    us. If nothing else, we should use #GamerGat to show people how deceptive
    and biased the games media is. ?

  • MomentumZero 5 years ago

    I’ve collected so much clay from river bottoms to make into dyed clay in
    MCPE. Almost 3600 blocks. I don’t even know what to make it into. That’s
    when you realize you’re addicted.?

  • fAppIicationof SeIf 5 years ago

    Lol no one who doesn’t already have the taste of GamerGate Kool-Aid in
    their mouth is listening and none of us care either Matt. You’re now just
    talking to yourselves in a GOP style echo chamber/bubble of non-reality.
    This is what the world now knows about you idiots and the public discourse
    will not shift from it. Because it’s true. You’re fucked.
    “#GamerGate Leads To Death Threats Against Women”
    And trying to play down StopGamerGate2014 like it was just a flash in the
    pan being used by pro-GamerGate people lol. It’s still trending and most of
    the posts are anti-GamerGate. Nice try chief of propaganda. But keep
    sending chuckleheads over to twitter to make it look like most tweets are
    pro-GG. That just boosts the trending lol. Morans. #TheStupidityRises?

  • Anime - Mun 5 years ago

    35:00 Misanthropes, the word you are looking for is misanthropes.?

  • Leo DS 5 years ago

    Too bad the “anti gamergate” has dozens of millions of Viewers, and GG has
    None. So in the end the big media win, and in 6 months from now what the
    Mainstream will remember will be exactly what the Mainstream already thinks:

    “Gamers are some White antisocial fat manchilden, and games are bad for
    your Kids.”?

  • cerberouse1 5 years ago

    Not going to speak on TYTs dragging Gamer Gate through th emud, then
    inevitable ass-covering after it got over 1k thumbs down in less than an
    hour? Daaang o-o?

  • Uncle Boomstick 5 years ago

    MundaneMatt. The viewing of feminists for females is that all men are
    rapists. The viewing of feminists for males is our dignity being drained
    out of our bodies as they steal our souls by embarrassing us using bullshit
    “facts”. Fun things to think about. Let the feminist rage begin.?

  • ClockCutter 5 years ago

    “Gamergate people know what they are fighting for.” Hehe.?