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Krewcraft Ep.15: We build a candy shop in Krew


Minecraft video



  • Muhammad Scooter 10 months ago

    The plebu candie shop

  • Britney LunaTrixie8 10 months ago

    plebs candy

  • Yuet-Mui Kam 10 months ago

    Candy land

  • Alliyah cover Amirah slimes 10 months ago

    Fandyshop anyone agree because funneh candy shop so please us mine turn to be pick because im leftout sooooo yeah

  • Ryan Hoang 10 months ago

    Candy dream

  • Marika James 10 months ago

    What vision in minecraft do u have funneh

  • Lee-Anne Coventry 10 months ago

    Goldieluck candy shop

  • Jas Mine 10 months ago

    Pleby Sweetness..Or Pleby Candies..Or if you want serious names, Plebilious Sweetious (

  • nurr humaira Binti nor azli 10 months ago

    Shop of plebby candies

  • nurr humaira Binti nor azli 10 months ago

    Or shop of the pleblicious candies

  • MosangCookieChan 10 months ago

    Krew candy candy craft Bleb candy

  • Emily Olmeda 10 months ago

    sweet plebs

  • Giovanni O 10 months ago

    i know a good one candy shop XD

  • Collector Toys, fun, and more 10 months ago


  • Emilia King 10 months ago

    The candy shop should be named Krew candy

  • nurr humaira Binti nor azli 10 months ago

    Oooo..i like your moo sound

  • Charles Mwilima 10 months ago

    Build a sky tower

  • Lauren Gaskill 10 months ago


  • Princess FairestEvie 10 months ago

    10/10 Moo

  • Cecília Valentim 10 months ago

    Who wants more videos like this like!
    1 like= more videos

  • Aqua Gamer 10 months ago

    KrewKraft Kandy Shoop

  • Jessica's Unicorn Life 10 months ago

    McCandy should be it’s name!

  • John Cordero 10 months ago

    how about “RAINBOW’S CANDY SHOP” who likes that?

  • Redstone Host 10 months ago

    The candy shop should be named rainbows candy shop

  • Verrückter Ilkan Mc 10 months ago

    Pleeb candy

  • Devil Girl 10 months ago

    You can go inside of the candy shop and look and you can go outside and then be on your way quickly like a drive through but instead a walk through and when you go inside you can pay from Esmeralda and when your need to get a quick snack and go to work and you pay from I forgot her name

  • Kin Bryan Diaz 10 months ago

    Pleb Candies or Krew Taffi Like if you agree

  • Lps fan Davis 10 months ago

    Name the candy store Candy land or candy world

  • Cassidy Lucero 10 months ago

    how about the crews candy sohp

  • valeska _lover17 10 months ago

    potato candy shop the best of candy

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