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Minecraft video

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  • Hasoon nine 5 years ago

    Yes more i enjoy watching people fail and get a smile in my face so if you
    dont mind make more please?

  • KronixWolf 5 years ago

    do more!?

  • Vittles 5 years ago


  • DaSaiyanTV 5 years ago

    I would like to see this with classic videos. (Ex. Golden Apple,
    Herobrine’s Mansion, T3C, ect.)?

  • LODBredCat 5 years ago

    Another map?

    Ant, you know what this means >:3

    You’ll need to beat all 3 maps back to back.

    Or you’re not parkur king anymore!


  • PebbleGaming 5 years ago

    Ant… you are ok at DE?

  • TheFiredude50 5 years ago

    Yeah! Johnny Cash!
    (I’m probably the only 14 year-old who even knows who that is…)?

  • Nova Fernandez 5 years ago

    fun segments/outtakes?

  • Eylon Caplan 5 years ago

    I really like the music. It’s really funny :D ?

  • hood dolphen 5 years ago

    Not a fan?

  • Rebel Guy 5 years ago

    “This guy is gonna have his mind blown all over the wall here in just a
    second. I hope he doesn’t mind fragments of his brain all over the wall”

  • Balázs Ádám 5 years ago

    I really like the thing that Ant actually cares about improving his
    content. My opinion about this video is mostly a “nah” . I mean this more
    like a Failtage or Shortage but a absolutly love the idea of making
    videos shorter.(We all know how is time passing by) I think you should do a
    Weekly Highlight or something. But am i the only one who think that this
    backgroundmusic doesn’t fits in ? And Ant “silent” is also a kind of music
    which it can be more emotional than any music.
    So keep up the good work .(btw I can feel the improvment in your lastest
    Ps.: Im not a hater :P ?

  • Nicowitsz 5 years ago

    Wow ant, really great fun video to watch! This is one of the reasons im
    still an old subscriber! I might not see your ant farm, and other such
    things, but your livestreams are just the best! Keep it up ant! :) ?

  • HeroSteve6070 5 years ago

    That was cool! Do more!?

  • potatocraft26 5 years ago

    I was in a movie about the guy who sang ring of fire’s wife…

    It wasn’t very popular?

  • MeLikeAPro 5 years ago

    Look–>You Failed.?

  • TheNyanMinecraft - Minecraft - GFX 5 years ago

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    I am a 11 year old boy, who does Minecraft videos.
    Everyone has a dream right? My dream is to become a successful YouTuber.
    My channel is based on Minecraft mini games.

    I also do GFX though. I *do* take request :)
    Please, do not comment saying “*U SUXXXXX OMGF GET A LIFE NUB*”
    I do not need hate, all I want is feedback.

    It would mean the *world* to me if you could click on my profile picture
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  • SamurotTris 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed this, maybe some outtakes and funny moments from your
    already uploaded videos would make it even better :) ?

  • BestZacNA 5 years ago

    86th viewer