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Minecraft video



  • Lasse Holm Nielsen 5 months ago

    Can you please do a Minecraft Lets Play

  • LostKaleb2080 5 months ago

    DanTDM the Beyblade

  • XxKitty GamingxX 5 months ago

    DANNNNNN i havent realised that we have the same head phones XD

  • Malan Vanderlinde 5 months ago

    I love your vids dan and my favourite room was all of them yay!

  • Ninjas YT 5 months ago

    Dan Minecraft finnaly

  • Picky Coconut 5 months ago

    There was parkour there 9:49

  • kiel contreras 5 months ago

    The dings are 15

  • Hunter Martin 5 months ago

    This is awesome dan! Its so cool that your getting back into Minecraft.

  • Edwin Claridad 5 months ago

    The Illuminati is there

  • Kizugaya Kizuna 5 months ago

    Can someone explain what is flex meaning ? Because Dan just said “Watch me flex on you”, Can someone explain it ?? Pleasee ?? :””(

  • Hunter Martin 5 months ago

    On the next Minecraft video can you say “Hey everyone!! Dan here from the Diamond Minecart! and wecome back to another Minecraft video! Where today we are ??”

  • Minecraft Furnace Minecart 5 months ago

    DanTDM: Lets just do one more
    *Does 27 more*
    DanTDM: Lets just do on-
    *Jemma walks in*
    Jemma: You have been on there for hours, unless it’s a stream you should probably stop.
    DanTDM: Ok, well that’s all for this video, beh
    *video shuts down*

    Btw I don’t know how to spell her name please no be triggered

  • Subscribe To Me For No Reason 5 months ago

    Who’s SCROLLING Down the comments while watchin’ this video?♥

  • Mathias Ramirez 5 months ago

    The Normal Elevator in Roblox

  • Chaitya Harsh 5 months ago

    Yassssssssss Minecraft

  • Fastboy Gaming 5 months ago

    bring back traorise

  • Bill gaming Tv 5 months ago

    we are happy

  • หวาน อาทิตยา 5 months ago

    I!! HATE!! YOU!! BECAUSE!! YOU!! HATE!!!! ROBLOX!! AND!! I!! LOVE!!! ROBLOX!!!!!!!

  • Crazyhalo 2003 5 months ago

    I have money xD

  • DestroyingNoobler 5 months ago

    This normal elevator?

  • Pugzyplayz Gaming 5 months ago


  • Springbonnie Buster 5 months ago

    iluminati is just a dumb pyramid that can control thing weird

  • Springbonnie Buster 5 months ago

    And dan you are not a illuminating

  • WoodyJim 5 months ago

    Dantdm is epic and he tries his best to make good videos

  • Legobrainproductions 5 months ago

    Play more evil nun pleeease Dan please

  • Mr walrus Man 5 months ago

    Love ur vids keep up the good work Dan :D and btw I think that was based on the normal elevator in roblox so you should check out that as well

  • neoncake88 5 months ago

    Please do a second part! My fav room was the giant flower room

  • Alex Gaming 5 months ago


  • LucaLikesFoxy119 5 months ago

    “Is that the Indiana Jones music?” questioned DanTDM. “YESSSSS!” everyone who was watching shouted. (You welcome for the spelling and Grammar.)

  • MsFreeTibet 5 months ago

    Limunati Lol i sing: dun dun dun dun dundun dundun oo oo oo oo oo ooooooo

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