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Lindsay, Kdin, and Matt follow their animal instincts in this week’s Things to do in Minecraft! RT Store: Rooster Teeth: Achievement Hunter:…


Minecraft video

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  • Goombalo10 5 years ago

    RIP in piece old AH…?

  • Lone Avenger 5 years ago

    Man RT’s Youtube community sucks.

    Nothing but a bunch of haters, hating for no reason.?

  • Mvurice Savage 5 years ago


  • XboxAnnihilator 5 years ago

    You guys don’t have to like them, but grow the fuck up and stop hating
    them. Whinny little bitches. Seriously. You guys are proving to be the
    worst fandom ever with the way you actually “hate” certain people at
    Rooster Teeth. What is wrong with you? Shame on you. I’m sure Geoff and
    Gavin and the rest of AH would be ashamed of you if they saw these
    comments. Absolutely pathetic.?

  • fenris146 5 years ago

    Why the hell is this called natural selection??

  • jedimasterpickle3 5 years ago

    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay, Kdin, and Matt did
    videos JUST to spite all the haters in the comments. This comment section
    is disgusting. The first 4 top comments are all some form of hate for
    these 3. I don’t even think that there’s that many people like that. Just
    a very vocal minority. The videos that have these three always have far
    more likes than dislikes. For example, at the time of this post, there are
    about 10x more likes than dislikes. The comments section on AH videos that
    don’t have the normal AH crew are a prime example of what’s wrong with the
    Internet. I mean, seriously, we get it, you don’t like Lindsay, Kdin, or
    Matt. I think you established that already. There’s no need to go on a
    video just to hate it. You can see the description from your sub box, so
    there’s no need for you guys to even watch this video.?

  • Rich - 10 hours (CANCELED) 5 years ago


    Haha you clicked read more.

    Now THAT’S a real troll?

  • Dr. Fumbles 5 years ago

    This show was better with Jon! Bring back JonTron!!!?

  • Mike Schmitt 5 years ago

    And Here come the anit Lindsay comments ?

  • MrFullOnGamer 5 years ago

    Guys wheres the Lords of the Fallen guides! I need some nice things to get
    through my playthrough :P ?

  • Dry Fy 5 years ago

    Its both annoying and weird that the comment sections of these videos are
    STILL full of haters towards “the new guys” and Lindsey. We get it, you
    don’t like them, cool. No one cares.

    You don’t want to see them in videos? THEN DONT WATCH VIDEO THEY’RE IN. Why
    is that so complicated? Masochists, seriously.?

  • 626DENAwarriors33 5 years ago

    Since these fucks are doing half of the stuff I liked to watch does this
    mean more lets plays from the GOOD PEOPLE these people include and ONLY

  • WASDxMerceless 5 years ago

    should have totally made the glass box into a big dick.?

  • Juan Flores 5 years ago

    Too much videos of kdin being in them. Bring back Geoff and Gavin.?

  • maximus9401 5 years ago

    This is funny. Fuck off if you think otherwise. You’re welcome to your
    opinion, but otherwise fuck off.?

  • zether720 5 years ago

    1) It’s Team FuckThese3
    2) They’re doing a things to do
    3) They’re on PC Minecraft IN CREATIVE MODE where Command blocks are a
    thing and this is the best they could come up with. ?

  • Ashlin Mills 5 years ago

    PC fags ?

  • The Grinch 5 years ago

    So are these people taking over this series now too? If Geoff doesn’t want
    to do specific series anymore, then just cancel them. Nobody has subscribed
    to this channel (or the Let’s Play channel) because of Matt, Jeremy, Kdin,
    or Lindsay.

    For a business such as this, you want to attract people to your content,
    not bore them away.?

  • Noahface 5 years ago

    This is horrible ah has one of the worst fan bases on the internet?

  • JulianimeIsAmazing 5 years ago

    I do not dislike Caleb, Kerry, Lindsay, Matt, or Jeremy, but in my opinion,
    Kdin is just an insufferable douchebag, I dislike his personality and
    attitude and even his face. He comes off as a bit conceited, he’s not
    original or funny or (in my opinion and Ray’s words, “he’s not the sharpest
    tool in the Ted”) and in regards to his face, his expression just triggers
    a violent response from me. Anyways, I realize not everyone feels the same
    way about every person, but Kdin is just incompatible with my standards for
    good and decent human beings, let alone talented and funny entertainers.?