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this is NOT a MInecraft video with PrestonPlayz


Minecraft video



  • PrestonPlayz - Minecraft 1 year ago


  • Salman ABAS 1 year ago

    Robs name not nice

  • Bruno J Mendez 1 year ago

    Do more pack vids

  • Jossy Norman 1 year ago

    SOOO MANY HEARTS how long did it take

  • Shawna Thompson 1 year ago

    I saw the name of the vid and i thought it was a serious video, i was freaking out. Then when i clicked on it, I WAS SO HAPPY!! My heart will not be crushed today.

  • Jacob Vander Vate 1 year ago

    940 people were salty that Preston recked them, so they decided to dislike….

  • Jason Goeldi 1 year ago

    happy new year. 2018 woooooop wooooooop

  • The_Gaming_Llama 1 year ago

    Yes vid on fortnite :)

  • Kohrongpeng Rongpeng 1 year ago

    Pls play dead by daylight

  • Degstree _ME 1 year ago

    The New Minecraft Update Looks Sick……..

  • Dang Lee Kiong 1 year ago

    Preston what game is that

  • Curtis Hall 1 year ago

    I got it sort not

  • -J0ѕĦҜΞɛ- вɭ๏cҡ ŚŤrเкє 1 year ago

    H20Delirious still playing Fortnite

  • Danny TME5 1 year ago

    It really hurts my soul that half the people in the comment section didn’t know u had a gaming section

  • Danny TME5 1 year ago

    We want jerome we want jerome

  • Jesse-James Lewis 1 year ago

    Like the vid

  • Aprentice pooper Scooer 1 year ago

    Top left d word

  • katrina stanley 1 year ago

    plz play Roblox

  • Bonnie Owens 1 year ago

    play roblox you need xbox or pc or mobile but you need to make a account and friend all the members it will take a while

  • ali zaki 1 year ago

    pixel gun

  • ali zaki 1 year ago

    or cs

  • Eiman lolol7 1 year ago

    Preston u should play fifa 18

  • Coolbro 568 1 year ago

    Preston Please Play With The Pack More It’s Fun When You Guys Play

  • Crazii Crystal 1 year ago


  • Abram Sumner 1 year ago

    more fortnite

  • Christopher Collins 1 year ago

    You are a savage

  • Σxotic LəgəndΥT 1 year ago

    please do more

  • Sahal Jama 1 year ago

    somebodies name has a bad word in it OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHh

  • EzPlayz 1 year ago

    sounds like ali a

  • Jantzen Andrews 1 year ago

    More Fortnite plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

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