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Minecraft’s 10th Anniversary is on May 17, 2019


Minecraft video



  • Nirosha Hewage 3 months ago

    You are my favorite you tuber

  • b a n d i t ø ll-// 3 months ago

    It’s 15 bookcases, 5 in the front, and 5 on both sides, look it up.

  • Zelda King 3 months ago

    think!! it doesn’t mean 30 levels it means 30 xp/ little bit over 3 levels!!!

  • mad clown 3 months ago

    I sub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nona Ray 3 months ago

    Pluto Tv brought me here

  • Perzy 3 months ago

    Growtopia again we love Gt.Its has tons of views man make more!

  • Percy Smuggler 3 months ago


  • Percy Smuggler 3 months ago
  • Legoman's Adventures 3 months ago

    How did you do the face in the corner and make it move

  • Rayyan Waqas 3 months ago

    Can u do more fortnite save the world plz???

  • Eimantas Kazlauskis 3 months ago

    4:28 – The way he pronounced my name made me and my grandma laugh… Ty for the laugs Think.

  • Brian Bayi 3 months ago

    Pls play more moster of etheria

  • Duck Sqad -ROBLOX 3 months ago


  • Abhilash S 3 months ago

    Think there are luckyblock bedwars now

  • The Thingy 3 months ago

    thinknoodles can you try playing ark survival?i would love to see it

  • Marina Deacon 3 months ago

    hi think

  • Four Leaf 3 months ago

    Hay Think I fond a game like pokemon brike bronze, Its name is “Creature Conquest”

  • Georgina Dede 3 months ago

    Lets go!!!!!

  • Georgina Dede 3 months ago

    Nodddllllleeeeeee onnnnnnn!!!!!!,!

  • Gaming- girl 3 months ago


  • Gaming- girl 3 months ago

    Can u play mr meat again??

  • GHOST HOODM 3 months ago

    Think:no god pls no noooooo
    Think:the new update

  • Iverzon Samonte 3 months ago

    Hey Think try to play Pokemon lets go pikachu

  • Android Gamer 3 months ago

    Minecraft is legend!!!!!!

  • Chiebuka Amadi 3 months ago

    You could warp

  • Violin _ Melody 3 months ago

    Why doesn’t he do club penguin anymore

  • Rupali sawant 3 months ago

    Samartha/emma 12
    This vid is cool Wow! I mean who gates think on live? Anyways makemore

  • Samantha Rich 3 months ago

    I missed your steam last night I watched half of it

  • Dark Knight 3 months ago

    hiiii pls heart think

  • Nightmare Fredbear 3 months ago

    I was the 3rd person to like the video

    Those super chats where my first ever ones ever

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